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    Can the state of an ADAM relay module be changed when the IVA from the camera generates an alarm?



    Let’s suppose that you have one setup which consists in an Adam 6060 I/O module, BVMS and a DINION IP thermal 8000 camera.

    Can the state of an ADAM relay module be changed when the IVA from the camera generates an alarm?




    If you have the ADAM relay module attached to the system, you can use it to enable sirens and spotlights for example, only if conditions that are set up in an IVA-task are met.

    Therefore, please make sure first that you enabled the IVA on the camera, and you have created specific tasks for it. Then, in BVMS (Bosch Video Management System), create first an event, then an alarm and you can configure from there what happens on that alarm.


    Afterwards, you can trigger a relay from BVMS via SDK scriptlet. To achieve this, open the script area in the Configuration Client (Tools-Command Script Editor menu)

    You can use the script below, but you need to do some adjustments in the Script, as the name of the relay used, how long the relay to be active etc.


    Scriptlet: Open and close a relay

    • This scriptlet opens and closes a specific relay.
    • This scriptlet is meant to be used in a server script.


    [Scriptlet("system generated script ID")]

    public void OpenAndCloseRelays()


    //line #1:

    Relay r = Api.RelayManager.GetRelayByName("Relay 1");

    //line #2:


    //line #3:


    //line #4:




    Comments (line-wise):

    1: Get the relay as specified in Bosch VMS (by name)

    2: Open the relay

    3: Wait for 1000 ms = 1 second

    4: Close the relay


    You can refer to this document where there is a step-by-step procedure with configuring relay contacts from an ADAM6050 to activate when there is an IVA alarm condition within BVMS from an associated camera.

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