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    Connect multiple DIVARs IP all‑in‑one 5000 at the same time to Enterprise system



    If one of DIVARs IP 5000 AIO is selected on a user profile, the Operator Client opens the site and works fine. One message is displayed when two or more DIVARs are added into the same Enterprise system.




    The second DIVAR IP 5000 AIO was added as usual in the Enterprise system but the connection to it via the Operator Client is not possible. The following message is displayed:

    • "Server of configuration database is already in the server list. Remove either the server that is twice in the list or make sure that the configuration database is not cloned between servers."

    Connect multiple DIVARs IP all‑in‑one 5000 at the same time to Enterprise system.png

    If you already have a DIP 5000 AIO into your Enterprise system and you want to add additional units but you receive the above message, you can solve this by using the steps below.




    ⚠️ From the error displayed on login it looks like the 2 new servers share the same BVMS ID.

    In order to change the ID of the BVMS you can do the following on one of the new systems.

    Pick either server and then perform the following:

    1. Log into Configuration Client of the DIP 5000 AIO
    2. Export current configuration and save it anywhere
    3. Open the resulting zip-file, extract the Export.bvms and rename it to Elements.bvms
    4. Stop the Bosch VMS Central Server service
    5. Open folder C:\ProgramData\Bosch\VMS
    6. Backup the existing Elements.bvms
    7. Exchange the existing Elements.bvms with the exported and renamed file.
    8. Restart the Bosch VMS Central Server service



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