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    DIP 5000 AIO: fix the zoomed in image from Operator Client: Desktop/ Remote Desktop vs Kiosk mode



    DIVAR IP all-in-one 5000 (DIP-5244IG-4HD) without the video card:

    When accessing the Operator Client from the Kiosk mode, the camera streams displayed on the cameos show a view that does not match the view from Operator Client running from desktop (Under the BVRAdmin account) or Remote Desktop. The scaling seems to be off.

    B DIVAR IP AIO 5000 - fix the zoomed in image from Operator Client Desktop- Remote Desktop vs Kiosk mode.pngA DIVAR IP AIO 5000 - fix the zoomed in image from Operator Client Desktop- Remote Desktop vs Kiosk mode.png


    The DIVAR IP all-in-one 5000 (DIP-5244IG-4HD) is the model without the added video card. The production units of the DIP 5k AiO can run Operator Client locally on the DIP5k AIO without the higher end graphics card and display at least 4 1080p cameras @ 15fps as long as the I-frame distance was well over 30.

    • The units without a graphic card (like DIP-5244IG-4HD) should not run the Operator Client locally; only remote viewing, with the Operator Client running on a Workstation or suitable PC, is recommended. Doing it any other way may produce inconsistent results, see attached pictures.

     You can run the Configuration Client from the Kiosk.

     If you logon to the desktop with the BVRAdmin account, you can run the Operator Client from the console (desktop) on the unit. On this unit this is only supported for diagnostics/ testing purposes. This falls under the same category as the Remote Access to the unit.

                    The Central GUI should be used for "configuration and operation management." It does not mention watching videos from the same GUI. 

                    You can attach a single monitor to the AiO, in order to run the Configuration Client from the Kiosk (Management purposes).


    ⚠️ When using a remote workstation/ computer, to run the BVMS Operator Client remotely, the workstation / computer should meet the hardware and OS (Operating System) requirements for such use. 

    ◦ The hardware and OS (Operating System) requirements can be found in the datasheet of each version of BVMS Operator Client you use. Select the product family from the official Bosch Security and Safety Systems page, go to Downloads area and download the data sheet.

    ◦ Bosch strongly urges customers to use the driver versions mentioned in the following BVMS Release notes. This ensures that the software can perform its task reliably and the specified performance.

    • On the units with Graphics Cards you can run both: Operator Client and Configuration Client from the Kiosk and get consistent results, without any changes.

    ◦ Please also refer to the following Datasheet for the Models with and without Graphic Cards.




    • The attached .zip file contains a script to check for the credentials to run the script and set the proper scaling on the desktop.


    Installation Notes:


    • The script must be run with Administrator rights. Logging to the desktop with the BVRAdmin account to run the script, will require a reboot to go back to the Kiosk; as a result, there will be a short interruption on the recordings in the unit.
    • If the unit is defaulted for any reason, the  script will have to be run again.  
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