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    Fix Privacy Mask issue on a MIC IP starlight 7000 HD camera (FW 6.40.0240)

    • Causes


    The privacy mask moves around with the image when the MIC IP starlight 7000 HD camera is in PTZ mode.

    The camera is integrated into a 3rd party Software.


    • Solution


    Please upgrade the firmware version of the camera to the latest one if the compatibility with the 3rd party software allows you to do this.

    You can use the combined firmware file below for this, as this one contains the intermediary version 6.50, which is mandatory to be able to upgrade to a higher version.

    You will need to upload this firmware file twice until the intended firmware version is installed. Since intermediate firmware versions might have vulnerabilities that are fixed in later versions, it is advised to always install up to the most recent version.


    🚩 An issue is fixed where the virtual mask configuration on moving cameras was not closed when switching from configuration to live, rendering the virtual masks solid.

    Please make sure that you will upgrade your camera to the latest firmware version by checking our Download Area web page here where you can find the latest release notes as well.


    If the issues persist, you can find below the logs that you need to provide to the Central Technical Support team for further investigation:

    • Maintenance logs -> from the tab Configuration > Service > Maintenance
    • Configuration file + password -> from the tab Configuration > Service > Maintenance
    • All the logs from Logging tab -> from the tab Configuration > Service > Logging
    • Diagnostic logs -> from the tab Configuration > Service > Diagnostic
    • Snip with System Overview tab -> from the tab Configuration > Service > System Overview
    • A video where the issue is demonstrated


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