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    General troubleshooting Bosch Forensic Search in Genetec Security Center

    In case of unexpected behavior of the Bosch Forensic Search in Genetec Security Center this page can help during the investigation and in finding the root cause of the problems


    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Symptoms

    Search is not delivering any results or showing an error in the filter section.

    First of all, it is important to mention that it is not necessarily an error, when no search results are presented after a successful search. There are multiple reasons like:

    • The configured rules are too specific → try to run the search with more generic rules
    • The configured timespan may not have any objects → check on a Genetec 'Monitoring' task if there are objects visualized and run the search again with a generic rule set
    • If there are still no results try following the steps below

    If you encounter an error message during the search execution, also follow the steps below.


    • Causes

    There are several possible root causes for such issues

    1. Metadata is not recorded or not recorded in the correct format
    2. Security measures prevent the forensic search from running correctly
    3. The communication ports that are used by the Bosch tools are already in use by other processes


    • Solution

    In general - the Genetec logging mechanism provides a good way of retrieving additional, more specific information in certain scenarios.

    SC 5.10


    SC 5.11

    • The error messages there point to problems encountered in the Bosch components and provide some guidance to find the root cause of certain problems, such as:
      • message pointing to a wrong FSS executable → most probably the default port of the internal Bosch communication is not available and needs to be changed. Please refer to the specific 'How to' article.
      • message pointing to role activation problems → check if the plugin role is properly enabled in the Config Tool
      • message pointing to missing metadata → most probable something went wrong with the camera's metadata recording


    In case there's no solution to the issue, further investigation with the support team is needed and trace logs are very much necessary to understand what's going on on the installation.

    The trace logging is similarly activated in Genetec as the normal loggers, except that a file and some file parameters need to be specified as depicted below:



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