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    Genetec Security Center crashes with Bosch plugins being installed

    After the installation of Bosch (or other vendor's) plugins.

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Symptoms


    Security Center crashes and is no longer operational - this may happen directly at launch or when you try to enable one of the plugins' tasks.


    • Causes


    The way, how plugins are loaded internally in Security Center creates a potential 'resource sharing' problem amongst all active plugins. Usually plugins depend on other software components, which need to be loaded at the same time a plugin is loaded. To avoid unnecessary high memory consumption and the way how Windows applications access such resources, they are loaded only once into the application domain and are available to all plugins that depend on these components.

    It may happen that two plugins depend on the same supporting library but expect different versions of this library, which may result in a situation that the first extension that is loaded is not compatible with the extension that is expected by another plugin and may cause a crash in the application.


    • Solution


    This is a 'common problem' in Windows application programming and there is NO general solution to it. With our plugin versions above we take measures to minimize such effects, but such crashes may still happen.

    Disabling other plugins will help to find out, which plugin is incompatible with the Bosch plugin and if it is possible to deactivate this plugin, the system becomes operational again. In case both plugins are needed a support ticket needs to be filed so that a proper follow up is secured.


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