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    How can I find and download the Firmware for my NetApp DSA unit?



    1. How can I find and download the Firmware for my NetApp DSA unit?
    2. How to update the E2800 controller firmware?
    3. And how to check and update HDD firmware for the hard drives which are used in the E2800 unit?




    There is controller firmware available for the E2800 controllers themselfes, and simultaneously it is always recommended to keep the hard drive firmwares of all used HDDs up to datre.

    Depending on the controller version you need, you can access this E-Series SANtricity OS Controller Software Link for Downloads.
    The mentioned  Link will guide you to the website of NetApp

    Be aware that you can access this link and download the Firmware only if you have a NetApp "Customer" account (not a guest account) set up in NetApp NOW connected with one NetApp system S/N assigned to the NetApp account (during registration or afterwards by technical case).

    Note: BOSCH Central Technical Support team can offer the service to hand-out, only in exceptional situations.

    Once you are logged in to your account, you have to access this 
    link and choose the Firmware version you need.

    You can select the Latest version which is displayed by default or select another version from the drop-down menu & click Go. You will be redirected to the page where the download button will be available.



    Or you can type in the FW version and click Go



    In general please always check the qualified version of NetApp controller firmware when using e.g. BOSCH VMS system.

    Please see the other article on how to update HDD firmware here:

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