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    How to connect my Remote Portal account to Video Security Client?

    Video Security Client is the market’s easy to use video surveillance application provided by Bosch for local and remote monitoring of IP cameras and appliances. The software supports small systems from 1 to 128 sites with up to 256 cameras each.

    Also, you can use Video Security Client being connected to your Remote Portal account. Please see below the limitations and how can you connect your Remote Portal account to Video Security Client.


    Remote portal site limitations:
    • Remote Portal cameras within a (leaf) group are treated as a single site
    • Remote Portal cameras without a group assignment are collected in the “Remote Portal” site
    • Recommendation is to keep cameras per group < 64, otherwise login times are very long
    • Only a single site can be connected at a time (with up to 256 cameras)
    • For larger sites a selection dialogue will be shown, to define a maximum of 256 out of the total amount of cameras.
    • The total number of cameras per Remote Portal account must not exceed 10000


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Once you are in the Video Security Client, click on the three dots button on the top right side and select Accounts:



    2. The Account type should be set by default as Remote Portal

    Type in your credentials you are using in Remote Portal and click Add


    Note: Company ID: Remote Portal account login via external identity provider is a new feature introduced in version This option is currently only applicable for a limited number of corporate customers



    3. Status will be displayed as "Connected" > click Done



    4. Now, you are connected with your Remote Portal account through Video Security Client and you can start to live-monitor and replay IP surveillance cameras :

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