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    How to give user access to specific cameras in Bosch Remote Portal?

    Bosch Remote Portal lets you manage which individual user can remotely access and configure particular cameras.

    Per default a Technician user can access all unrestricted groups and cameras. The Technician can further access all restricted groups and cameras to which he is added to.

    This article describes how you can add and grant a Technician user permission on a specific group or camera.

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    Step-by-step guide


    1.Once authenticated in the Bosch Remote Portal, select the name of the group where the camera was added or press directly on the camera's name from the "System" tab.

    In this example, “Customer B" group:

    1_How to give user access to specific cameras in Bosch Remote Portal.png

    2. Press on the “+” button > Add Technician

    2_How to give user access to specific cameras in Bosch Remote Portal.png

    3. Search or type the email address of the Technican user > Save

    3_How to give user access to specific cameras in Bosch Remote Portal.png

    4. Now the Technician user is added to the group and he can access all cameras of this group.

    Good to know: If the e-mail address doesn’t appear, please go to “Users" tab > press “+” > New Technician and type the details of the user

    4_How to give user access to specific cameras in Bosch Remote Portal.png

    Follow the link below if you want to know:


    For more information, please refer also to the following YouTube video:

     Central_Support_0-1629181686858.png Webinar: Bosch Remote Portal

    Or you can register for available Live Webinars on our latest products, technologies, and solutions from here


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