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    How to license Video Recording Manager (VRM ) within Genetec Security Center system?


    warnning.png Important note

    Currently, the VRM is itself very seldom used in combination with Genetec.

    Starting with 2022, Genetec developed a new driver for Bosch cameras “Hybrid driver for CPP13/14+”. With this, the VRM is not considered anymore.

    With the old “Legacy (CPP7.3 and older) the VRM is still supported. 




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    It is possible to use VRM free of charge (no extra VRM license is required) within Genetec Security Center. Genetec is sending encrypted secret to the VRM server with the number of the licensed channels. When VRM receives and validates this, it can be used for that number of channels for 24 h. A periodic license update is send by Genetec, so the VRM licensing is guaranteed as long as it is used with Genetec Security Center.

    Default settings, if not extra configuration is needed or done.

    -License for 1000 Cameras

    - License update is done every hour


    How to license more than 1000 cameras or change the license update period for VRM within Genetec Security Center:

    • Open the Config Tool and Launch a Video Task
    • Select the Archiver
    • Go to the Resource Tab and click on Extensions

    Recorce Tab.jpg

    • From the Tab Installed extensions select Bosch.
    • In the Tab VRM add a new VRM and/or select already configured VRM.
    • Click on Advanced settings and add the following parameters
      • If you need to license the system with more than the default 1000 licenses – create the parameter with Name VrmLicenseRequestCount and as value put the required number of licenses. The parameter name is case sensitive
      • If you need to change the duration of the period between each license request (there is always one license request when the archiver starts) – create the parameter with Name VrmLicenseRequestPeriod. The duration of the period is in milliseconds. The default value is one hour. If the value is set to 0, the license request are disabled. The parameter name is case sensitive




    • Press Enter to confirm the entry and then Close
    • Press Apply and then OK.
    • At the webpage of the VRM one can check if the number of licenses is changed.

    If you would like to know how to replay the recordings from a Bosch camera managed by Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) in Genetec Security Center software, please follow this video:



    To support customer needs and to leverage the most important features of Bosch cameras (like data security, Video Analytics, and intelligent bitrate management), the agreed focus of Bosch and Genetec is on the Genetec Archiver Recording Solution. Current and future developments are focused on this recording solution and the VRM in Genetec will only be supported to maintain existing and upcoming projects where a VRM solution is selected. There will be no development of new features.

    In this maintenance mode, the following is possible:
    • Certification of new VRM versions (for projects)*
    • Certification of new DIVAR IP’s*
    *Requirement: stable API on VRM side

    Note: The VRM itself might offer more functionality not covered with the integration in Genetec.

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