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    How to manage larger projects with multiple contributors by using Project Assistant App?

    For larger projects, where many cameras need to be commissioned, the question might come up on how to tackle it in the most efficient way using the Project Assistant. In the end, a Project Assistant file can comprise up to 500 cameras. Especially if multiple contributors perform the commissioning step in parallel, you need an appropriate approach.

    For visualization reasons, let's use a simple example. Let's imagine we have a project that comprises 500 new cameras in total. 250 cameras for building A and another 250 cameras for building B.


    Step-by-step guide


    Here are two options:

    1. Creating multiple (sub-) projects and merge them in Configuration Manager
      If you cannot use Dropbox for synchronization via the cloud, you can simply create 2 projects - one for building A and one for building B.
      Both projects can be prepared ahead of time, e.g. in the office, and exported in order to share them. Sharing the exported as well as encrypted project files can be done via E-mail, thumb drive, any of the major cloud storage services, etc.*.
      Now let's assume that there is one contributor working on building A and one working on building B. After each contributor has commissioned his or her 250 cameras each, they can themselves export the project files. To re-combine or merge both sub-projects, we have introduced a Project Assistant project file import feature in our Bosch Configuration Manager starting with v.6.10. This feature allows you to conveniently import multiple project files at once and to easily integrate them into your existing system structure. Please, check out the corresponding "How-to import Project Assistant project files into Configuration Manager v6.10 & v7.41 or above?" article in this community.
      * Restrictions due to project file size might apply depending on the sharing medium. The synchronization functionality is only available for Dropbox.

    2. Using the Dropbox Synchronization feature
      This feature let's you plan and prepare a project ahead of time, e.g. in the office, which can then be shared via Dropbox with multiple other contributors as needed. That means everyone that was "invited" to work on this project has access to the same project file, where there is only one "master" version residing in the cloud that is accessed and synchronized via Dropbox. Consequently, you can avoid managing multiple versions of the same project file. Therefore, depending on the internet connectivity of all contributor's devices, you can see the real-time progress of the project, no matter if you are in building A, building B or even in the office. All updates to the project are immediately synced via Dropbox among all contributors.
      If you want to know how to setup it up, please check out the following article: Can I add & sync my Dropbox account and share projects from it through Project Assistant app?


    Of course, the Project Assistant project file import feature in our Bosch Configuration Manager is also available for further configuration and system integration for this option, as well.

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