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    How to stop "rtp.p_type 97" (OSD or Video Authetication packet) on a CPP4 and CPP7.3


    Causes and solution(s)


    In some occasions, you can have an unwanted "rtp.p_type 97" packed in your video stream.
    This "rtp.p_type 97" packed can cause on some decoder Brands (for example Barco) a memory leak.

    This article describes the behavior of "rtp.p_type 97" for the following 2 platforms:

    • CPP4: for example on the MIC IP starlight 7000 HD, the "rtp.p_type 97" is always active and can only be de-activated with an RCP command
    • CPP7.3: for example on the MIC IP starlight 7000i, it can be switched on when using Video authentication, but after switch off, the camera needs a restart

    How to turn ON/OFF for CPP4 moving camera

    Payload Type 97 - RCP+ command to disable/enable the generation and transmission of those packets:


      Tag Code NumDes


    SNMP Support
      0x0b8e no no no
      Data type Access Level


    Read t_octet access_right_minimal

    enables/disables the generation of pic info packets
    (payload type 97)

    Write t_octet access_right_service enables/disables the generation of pic info packets
    (payload type 97) 

    This RCP+ command was added and available since firmware version 5.80 and per the RCP+ documentation it is still applicable for CPP4 firmware version 7.10.

    After sending this command, the “rtp.p_type 97" packet stops

    • Off>
    • On>


    • As its on by default, it will also turn back on after factory reset
    • Once it is turned off, it will also remains off after a reboot


    How to turn ON/OFF for a CPP7.3 moving camera

    When choosing the Video Authentication option "SHA-1" , "rtp.p_type 97" will be added to the video stream
    But when you turn it OFF again "rtp.p_type 97" will remain ON and doesn't stop, until you have restarted the camera.

    • "rtp.p_type 97" stream should stop when switched off

    Despite the fact of disabling OSD, telemetry feedback, timestamp, and watermarking, the “rtp.p_type 97” continues:



    • Solution

    A camera reboot is required when an Authentication other than Watermark is toggled ON and then OFF.



    Additional information:


    "rtp.p_type 97" can contains OSD information like for example:

    Title OSD: Sector or Shot Title
    Camera OSD: Digital Zoom, Iris open/close, Focus near/far
    OSD User defined 1
    OSD User defined 2
    OSD User defined 3
    Time Information
    Hash / Signature Entry

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