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    Improve the image quality of AUTODOME inteox 7000i & comparison with AUTODOME 5000i IR camera image

    • Cause

    Blurred image and chromatic aberrations of AUTODOME inteox 7000i camera image

    The image quality from the AUTODOME 5000i IR camera seems to be better than the AUTODOME inteox 7000i camera image


    • Solution

    Both cameras are very different from each other especially according to the bubble.

    • The AUTODOME IP 5000i IR camera has a flat surface screen where the image will not be changed since it is not a bubble
    • The AUTODOME inteox 7000i has a bubble. These curved bubbles will give some image distortion.
      Also because it is one piece, all light around the bubble will be shattered through the bubble material. Also, it is very important to keep this bubble clean. (What can be used to clean the bubble of my Bosch AutoDome?)

    Note: An IK10 bubble will lose more sharpness than the acrylic one.

    The images will never be the same between these two models since the lens of the IR model is looking through a flat surface, not a bubble.


    To improve the image quality of AUTODOME inteox 7000i please do the changes below:

    • Change the sharpness from 7 to 13:
    • Change the Max Gain level from 59 dB to 38 dB.

    Also, make the adjustments below and save them as a Custom Scene mode and name it as "Recommended".

    These settings improve the Sharpness, WDR range, and reduces "hot spots" on white objects or highly reflective surfaces. They will not eliminate the chromatic aberrations. These are caused by the lens/bubble combination, and it is not possible to get rid of these.

    • Gamma changed to 2
    • Black Line Enhancement changed to OFF
    • Auto-Iris Level reduced to 8

    Now to compare the difference, you can easily change between Standard and Recommended.










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