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    What can be used to clean the bubble of my Bosch AutoDome?

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    What can be used to clean the bubble of my Bosch AutoDome?




    Bubble Handling and Cleaning

    The bubble is made of Polycarbonate. This material provides high impact resistance. Its optical clarity is comparable to glass or acrylic, although its surface is much softer. Special care is required when handling and cleaning the bubble to avoid scratching it.

    • Handling
      The bubble is packaged with a protective plastic sheet. It is recommended that the bubble remain stored this way until it is ready to install. Limit handling the bubble, as any scratches can quickly affect visibility.
    • Cleaning
      If cleaning the bubble is required, use the following procedures and comply with all the warnings listed below.
    • Cleaning the Bubble Interior
      The extremely soft interior surface should not be cleaned by rubbing or dusting with a cloth.
      Use clean dry compressed air, preferably from a spray can, to remove any dust from the interior surface.
    • Cleaning the Bubble Exterior
      The exterior of the bubble is hard coated for extra protection. If cleaning becomes necessary, only use cleaning solutions and cloths suitable for cleaning safety glass lenses. Dry the bubble thoroughly with a dry nonabrasive cloth to prevent water spots. Never scrub the bubble with any abrasive material or cleaners.


    Cleaning the Bubble with cleaning solutions procedure

    1. Disconnect the power to the camera.
    2. Remove the camera from its mount and place it on a flat work area with a soft surface. Make sure the base is on the work surface and the bubble is pointing up.
    3. Remove the bubble from the Autodome.
    4. Hold the bubble up to a ceiling light and look through the bubble. Note any smudges, debris, or other substances on the inner and outer bubble surfaces.
    5. Remove with fresh water excessive dirt/sand/debris to prevent this can scratch the bubble during cleaning
    6. Clean the bubble surfaces using NOVUS No. 1 Plastic Clean & Shine (available at available at and a clean soft paper towel/soft cloth. Take care not to scratch bubble surfaces.
    7. Spray the cleaning solution onto the paper towel/soft cloth.
    8. Begin cleaning the bubble interior from the bottom-most part and continue cleaning to the outside edge.
    9. Apply more cleaning solution to the paper towel/soft cloth as necessary to remove all substances.
    10. Use a dry paper towel/soft cloth to wipe the inside of the bubble again to ensure that no moisture is left.
    11. Hold the bubble up to the ceiling light again and look through the bubble. Check that any smudges, debris, or other substances on the inner and outer bubble surfaces have been removed. Clean again if necessary.
    12. Assemble the bubble back to the Autodome.
    13. Spray cleaning solution onto a new paper towel/soft cloth and clean the outside of the bubble to remove any fingerprints left on the bubble.
    14. Apply power to the camera.


    Do Not:

    1. Do Not use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners on the bubble.
    2. Do Not scrape the bubble with razor blades or other sharp instruments.
    3. Do Not use Benzene, Gasoline, Acetone, or Carbon Tetrachloride on the bubble.
    4. Do Not clean bubbles in the hot sun or on very hot days.


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