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    Is it normal for IP IR Illuminator 5000 MRP to be recognized as ‘unknown’ in Configuration Manager?

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    Is it normal for IP IR Illuminator 5000 MRP to be recognized as ‘unknown’ in Configuration Manager?




    Due to the product design, the configuration of the NIR-50850-MRP (IP IR Illuminator 5000 MRP) is done only in the web browser.

    Therefore, this device cannot be integrated into Configuration Manager, and it will be displayed as “Unknown”.



    Good to know:

    • It is a must to have a DHCP Server in the network which hands out an IP address for the unit.
    • When connecting the unit, it gets an IP address assigned, can be pinged and is reachable via web interface.
    • Once the unit is reachable via network, configuring via web interface is quite simple: Set username and password, then configure settings like intensity of the IR. After configuring, the unit works standalone and does not need any further attention.


    Here it is a short explanation about how to setup the NIR-50850-MRP (IP IR Illuminator 5000 MRP):

    1. Set up a small network consisting of a computer, switch, POE supply, DHCP Server and the NIR-unit.
      In the test setup, the switch has a DHCP server included, but you may also use a DHCP server software application on your computer. The POE supply needs to be POE+ IEEE 802.3at. A basic POE is not sufficient. The NDP-9501A injector is suitable for this.
    2. The DHCP server in the test setup has an IP Pool from - So, it hands out IP addresses in that range.
      Logically, in the test environment, the computer gets address 150, the first illuminator gets address 151, second one 152 and third one 153. This was checked via an IP scanner app; Configuration Manager might also be used only for this, as we learned that the units show up as unknown.
      Do not not plug in everything simultaneously. Wait for each unit until becomes visible.
    3. All the units can be reached via web browser (tested with Firefox and Chrome), initial username and password have to be set.
      Configuration then can be done as you like (like threshold, intensity).
    4. All the devices work as configured.
      In our example, threshold was 15 LUX, On delay 0sec, off delay 3sec. So, when we covered the sensor, IR LEDs immediately switched on, uncovering the sensor and the light went out after 3 seconds.
    5. Finally, there are two options since basic configuration is now complete.
    • stay in DHCP mode
    • change IP to a fixed IP. In the web interface of the units, we changed the network settings. We disabled the DHCP option and set fix IP addresses of the units to , .22 , .33. After that the units of course were not reachable anymore since they are now in a different range. DHCP Server from the switch can be turned off since it does not serve that range. Then we manually set a fixed IP address of our computer into that range, We were able to reach all units again. When connecting the unit directly to the computer without a switch (PC -> POE supply -> NIR unit) we also can access it.


    • Edge browser could lead to issues, Firefox recommended. Sometimes, the web interface does not promptly response or it takes some extra seconds, but a refresh (F5) always solves this.
    • Connecting via Wi-Fi to LAN network could lead to issues; direct LAN connection recommended
    • Events need to be enabled in order to have automatic operation
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