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    MIC-7000i, MIC-9000i, NDP-7000i, and MIC-7100i - Optimize Video Performance and update NCTIP Control

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    Possible causes and solution(s)


    Related Products

    • MIC IP starlight 7000i (MIC-7502-Z30x), MIC IP fusion 9000i (MIC-9502-Z30xxx)
    • MIC IP starlight 7100i (MIC-7522-Z30xx), MIC IP Ultra 7100i (MIC-7504-Z12xx)
    • AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i (NDP-7512-Z30xx)


    • Causes


    • Complaints received about video performance in terms of sharpness, focus, and color.
      • AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i, MIC IP starlight 7100i.
    • Complaints received about focus failure,
      • MIC IP starlight 7000i, MIC IP fusion 9000i .


    Video Performance

    • MIC IP 7000i, MIC-9000i: Focus failures caused by an unexpected range of tolerances in a small percentage of lenses.
    • AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i: Incorrect default settings, camera block performance, and compatibility issue between the optical characteristics of the bubble and the camera block.
    • MIC IP starlight 7100i : Sharpness and color performance were not aligned with the previous model.

    • Solution


    • FW release 7.72.0008
      • Contains camera block FW for video improvements for the MIC IP starlight 7100i and the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i.
    • FW release 7.80.0128.
      • Contains new camera block FW with additional video improvements for the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i and still contains the camera block FW for the MIC IP starlight 7100i.
      • Contains new camera block FW with focus improvements for the MIC IP starlight 7000i and MIC IP fusion 9000i.


    1. All of camera block FW updates require an additional step for the FW upgrade process, which is described in the documents attached.
    2. The MIC IP starlight 7000i and MIC IP fusion 9000i focus improvements are only applicable to a specific S/N range, so there is a separate FW upgrade for these models.
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