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    MIC IP starlight 7100i - focus issue (basics checks)

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Symptoms


    In large parts of the zoom range the camera simply does not focus, this is the same for manual PTZ and pre-sets.


    • Solution


    Please proceed with following steps:

    1. Update the camera to latest Firmware
    2. Power cycle the camera
    3. Factory default it
    4. -> check behavior, if still poor focus, then:
    5. Connect camera directly to a computer in an isolated network (to avoid that a possible connected VMS pushes a config to the camera)
    6. Perform a hard reset using the reset button on the camera, see instructions from the manual:

      Steps to complete a hardware reset for all camera models

    • Apply power to the camera.
    • Find the IP address of the camera.
    • Log on to the camera using the web browser. (Note: You can use Configuration Manager to identify the IP address.)
    • Find the hardware reset button on the camera. (Refer to the figure below to find the reset button for your camera model.)
    • Push and hold the reset button for more than 8 seconds. The red LED indicator on the PCBA board will come on to show that the hardware reset started.
    • Note: You can also use a conductive wire to short the terminal block.
    • Let the camera complete a self-check. When the self-check completes, the red LED will go
    • Find the IP address again.
    • Access the camera using the web browser.
    • Set the initial service-level password for the camera


    7     ->check behavior, If there is still poor focus, then it seems this is HW related. The camera should be repaired/replaced via RMA in that case
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