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    MOV or MP4 export in BVMS leading to output file split

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Symptoms


    By extracting the playback in the MOV or MP4 format using BVMS Operator Client, the video is split into multiple files and not in a single file/ segment.

    This behavior became visible after upgrading BVMS to version


    • Causes


    Upon investigation, it has been observed that export files are being split when there are changes in the recorded stream parameters. This typically occurs when recording is configured for alarm scenarios, and an active alarm changes the stream parameters, such as frame rate or resolution. The current behavior, observed in BVMS 11.1.1 has slightly changed, due to the changes in the export mechanism, implemented with BVMS 10.0.1. 

    Prior to BVMS 10.0.1, during the export process to the ASF format video was always transcoded (decoded and encoded back using the specific export engine). Due to this fact, it was possible to maintain continuity of the output file when only frame rate was changing. However, if also video resolution would be changing, even previous ASF implementation would lead to creation of separate files.


    • Solution


    With BVMS 10.0.1, ASF export was replaced with MP4 format and internal exporting mechanism was changed as well. Currently, exporting doesn’t require transcoding anymore, resulting in optimization and reduced export time.
    However, as a side effect, when frame rate is changing, single output file continuity cannot be guaranteed anymore.

    BVMS provides additional means to allow easy handling of the export material even if multiple files are created. A playlist file is also provided as part of the export, so typically opening it in the external player does not require additional effort. Moreover, all the exported files can be compressed to a single ZIP file.

    However, understanding the usage of the MP4 export files and additional effort when it is needed to upload these files to an external system, we would like to consider this requirement and improve it in future BVMS releases.

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