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    TSG: DIPaio 5000 changing MAC address results into invalid expansion licences

    This article will guide you how to remedy invalid expansion licences on your Bosch Divar IP 5000 all in one. 

    Error indication

    Dispite that the registration of your additinal purchased licencens has been completed successfully. The licecens may become invalid  after a  following reboot. This behaivor is caused by switching the MAC address of your teaming interface.


    In order to prevent such behavior or even to revoke your licences as they are already invalid,

    please perform the follwing steps: 

    Step 1

    Download the attachment (2 KB) and provide it locally to your DIP all in one


     Step 2

    Unzip the archiv, it should extract two files (setMacAddress.cmd  / setMacAddress.vbs)

    please do not alter or move the files!


    Step 3

    Open the command promt (CMD) as adimistrator, e.g.  right-click on the windows button and click on Command Promt (Admin)


    Step 4

    Run the "setMacAddress.cmd",  for this purpose navigate to the location where you have stored the unzipped files  and call   the "setMacAddress.cmd"  file

         YOURPATH\setMacAddress.cmd  and hit enter



     Step 5

    Press the spacebar to continue, after the cursor is blinking again you can close the CMD3.png


    Step 6

    Reboot your device, in order to complete the task.








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