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    VideoSDK based application - Ticket Requirements

    In order to quickly offer a technical solution or to provide a professional advice for the next analysis steps, the technical support specialists need to get some general and basic information.

    Ticket content should always be in English and provided in a well summarized and structured way in order to be able to provide a quick and appropriate feedback.

    Not following the guideline will impact the processing time of the ticket.


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    Analyzing issues with Video SDK based application is a challenging task. One needs to determine if the issue is based on wrong implementation of the Video SDK functionality, wrong programming practices, functionality and runtime behavior of the system with SDK functionality or Video SDK issues.
    In order to start troubleshoot Video SDK application support needs the following initial information and logging.

    Please prove the following information to support:


    Symptom specific Information


    Problem Description

    • VideoSDK version
    • VideoSDK issue description
      • What is the expected behavior?
      • What is the issue?



    • Which shared resources are accessed by SDK actions? (Dome cameras, decoders, etc.)
    • Do SDK components interact with an unreliable environment? (Unstable network, offline devices, offline PCs,  etc.)
    • Do SDK components properly handle offline situations? (offline devices, configuration changes, etc.) 


    Logging Information

    The optimal approach is to provide both source code and logging for the problematic Video SDK application.

    • Try to reproduce the issue with one of the  Video SDK samples (Advanced C# Sample, Complete C# Sample, Simple C# Sample) and provide the result from the test.
    • Source Code
      • Provide a little sample application that illustrates the Video SDK issue and list the reproduction steps.
    • Logfiles
    Version history
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