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    What is the voltage tolerance of AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i?



    Let’s suppose that in your project you have a long Ethernet cable lengths and small wire diameters. In this case, it might happen that there is too high-power loss in the cables and that the cameras might receive too less power.

    The question here would be: when does the camera exactly starts logging power supply errors or fails completely and shuts down? What is the voltage tolerance of AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i?






    According to the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i datasheet:

    The camera can be powered by one of the devices in the list that follows:

    • a 30 W (IEEE 802.3at) midspan
    • a 30 W network switch
    • a 60 W midspan

    In a PoE configuration, a single (Cat5e/Cat6e) cable connection provides power while simultaneously supporting data and video transmission. For maximum reliability, the camera can operate in a redundant configuration, with both a 24 VAC power source and a midspan or a switch connected simultaneously. If either power source fails, the camera switches automatically to the other power source. The camera can also accept a standard 24 VAC power source if a PoE network interface will not be used.

    For pendant models used in outdoor applications that require heaters, a 60 W Bosch midspan or a 60 W switch is required to power both the camera and its internal heaters.

    For in-ceiling or indoor pendant applications that do not require heater power, a standard 30 W (IEEE 802.3at) midspan or a 30 W switch can be used to power the camera.



    A POE+ supply is only ok if no heater is used. If the heater has to be used, then High POE needs to be used.

    POE+ and High POE provide by definition a voltage between 42,5 and 57 VDC, the Bosch POE midspans provide typically between 54 to 57 VDC.


    POE's standard has a known limit of 100 m (330ft). Bosch does not promise or test beyond the 100 m IEEE Ethernet standards.

    You will also see in Installation Manual that the spec is also listed (Page 56 - Section 14.1).



    • As seen on the Datasheet


    • The Status codes detailed in the Operation Manual (page 72) will be displayed in these situations.


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