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    What's New in Video Security 3.3 for Windows, Android and iOS?

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    What's New in Video Security 3.3 for Windows, Android and iOS?




    Welcome to the 3.3 release of Video Security for Windows, Android and iOS. There are new features and bug fixes in this release, some of the highlights include:

    • Large BVMS systems - Camera selection for Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) setups with more than 256 cameras.
    • Increased site limit - Windows version of Video Security Client now allows up to 128 sites
    • Map improvements - Higher responsiveness and lower latency in map control due to backend improvements
    • Style adoptions - Modernized user interface style, for dialogs, alerts, core elements and icons


    📚  Download Area

    Platform Reference


    Video Security in Google PlayStore

    Apple iOS

    Video Security in Apple App Store

    Win10_x64 Download Area

    Improved handling of large BVMS systems




    When opening a site that has more than 256 cameras, the user can select which cameras to load into the session (VSC itself has a limit of 256 cameras that can simultaneously be used within a session).

    The user's selection is restored for the next login attempt.


    Increased maximum number of sites


    The maximum number of sites Video Security can manage is now 128 on all platforms.


    Map improvements


    The backend service for the map control was revamped to provide content with significantly lower delay.


    Style guide adoptions




    Some elements like modal dialogs and alerts now follow the current Bosch corporate style guide. This includes core elements like textfields, buttons and checkboxes. Icons are also taken from the Bosch icon library where appropriate.


    Additional Changes


    • Fixed live export of HEVC/h.265 video streams as mp4 - the files are now playable in VLC media player. (Windows only)
    • The HTML5 playback page, that was generated for video exports, has been removed due to restrictions in current web browsers.
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    ‎04-20-2023 03:49 PM
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