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    What's new in Video Security Client 3.2?



    What's new in Video Security Client 3.2?




    The modern and easy to use Bosch Video Security Client version 3.2 provides you the following new features:

    More cameras per site
    Up to 256 cameras per site are now supported.

    Easy mobile access to BVMS
    Use the Bosch Video Security Client or  Bosch Video Security App from your mobile device to log in to your Bosch Video Management System (BVMS Lite and Plus, version 10.0 or higher) to keep an eye on all your properties.

    Better Navigation
    The new clear structure of the navigation side bar allows you fast and easy selecting of and switching between your camera views.

    Proxy support (on Windows only)
    Access your cameras, your DIVAR IPs or other sites via a proxy server with Video Security Client on Windows.


    1.1 More cameras per site

    Up to 256 cameras per site are now supported on all three operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows).


    1.2 Easy mobile access to BVMS

    Video Security Client 3.2 and Video Security App 3.2 do no longer require a hardware transcoder to log into your system.  Thus, you can now use  Bosch Video Security Client and Bosch Video Security App to log in to your Bosch Video Management System Lite and Plus (version 10.0 or higher).


    1.3 Better Navigation

    To improve the usability of the navigation sidebar we reduced the displayed information to the essential minimum needed. That way the structure of the navigation sidebar becomes much clearer and navigation should work easier and faster than ever before.
    The number of cameras of a group is now displayed on the left hand side, so that you know at first glance how many cameras are in your groups. 

    If a group is empty the zero camera counter is less opaque. Central_Support_0-1660743649210.png

    Besides, the expand button has also been removed for empty groups to reduce the information of the sidebar to the minimum necessary. Central_Support_1-1660743665336.png

    Cameras of a site or in a group and their preview images are now much better separated from each other, so that even when scrolling in the side bar it is obvious which information (like camera name or https address) belongs to which camera.




    1.4 Proxy support (on Windows only)

    Video Security Client 3.2 on Windows supports to access your cameras, your DIVAR IPs or other sites via a proxy server. Of course, that also applies for sites, which you would like to connect to via your Bosch Remote Portal account


    1.5 Further information

    For further information see the release letter, which can be found in the Bosch Download Store and in the Bosch product catalog.


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