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    What should be the specs for the output waveform of the inverter to work with Bosch MIC IP cameras?



    What should be the specs for the output waveform of the inverter to work with Bosch MIC IP cameras? Should the inverter produce a sine/sinusoidal wave, a square wave or other?




    This must be pure sine converter. Square wave has another power factor. The power factor of a load on a modified sine wave inverter is generally lower than that of a pure sine wave inverter. This is because a modified sine wave inverter produces a waveform that is not a perfect sine wave, and the load may not be able to fully utilize the power being supplied to it. Additionally, some loads, such as certain types of motors, may be damaged by a modified sine wave inverter.

    It is important to ensure that the load and inverter are compatible to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage.


    You can try to use: the Moxa PoE injector INJ-24A 60w 24vdc or similar offerings from Antaira Technologies or Micro Semi. An alternative to PoE injectors that run off 12/24vdc are 12/24vdc to AC inverters manufactured by 
    or power stream


    To power both 7100i with Illuminator as well as MIC-9000i thermal models, you can try to use the Planet IPOE-171-95W IPOE-171-95W - 802.3bt Ultra PoE Injector - PLANET Technology


    info_symbol.png Note

    The Midspan needs to be set to legacy mode and will run on 12VDC. The datasheet and the user manual of the Planet IPOE-171-95W midspan mention both a "Standard mode" and a "Legacy and Force mode" for PoE of the midspan.

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