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    Which is the detection distance for weapons with IVA Pro Visual Gun Detection?



    Which is the detection distance for weapons with IVA Pro Visual Gun Detection?




    The detection distance (based on the pre-defined requirements*) depends on the focal length and the size of the of the gun. 

    For example, using the FLEXIDOME 5100i 2 MP, with a gun size of 20 cm (7.9 in), the detection distance varies between 2.7 m (8.9 ft) (f = 3.2 mm) and 12.6 m (41.3 ft) (f = 10.5 mm), depending on the focal length as shown in the table:

    Focal length

    Detection range (m)

    Detection range (ft)

    3.2 mm



    10.5 mm



    *Required pre-defined conditions: the scene must be well illuminated (at least 200 lux), the gun must cover at least 5% of the image height, less than 50% occluded and visible for at least one second.

    **Evaluation based on video sequences: If a gun is detected at least once in the video sequence, it is considered an alarm.



    • Detection requires the object to be occluded by less than 50%
    • Top-down view (bird's eye view) is not supported
    • Objects need to be visible for at least 1 second
    • Not available in corridor mode with 90° image rotation
    • Object color not available
    • Minimum object size of 36 ppf (pixels per foot) to ensure proper detection


    academy.png Visit IVA Pro Visual Gun Detection introduction to learn about the algorithm and its possibilities and limitations, and watch the video demonstrating the configuration options.

    youtube.png Also, you can find the video configuration on our YouTube channel in the Video Analytics how-to playlist

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