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    Why the Live view shows ‘Authentication failed’ in Video Security App?



    Why the Live view shows ‘Authentication failed’ in Video Security App?




    • DIVAR IP 5000 ALL IN ONE
    • Mixed Bosch cameras with Firmware 7.82
    • BVMS 11.0 where there is a User group named “Viewer” with the option of Video Playback unchecked
    • from Operator Client everything is fine because the users can see Live video
      but no playback
    • but when trying to use Video Security App with that user, the Live video shows error "Authentication failed"




    The VRM and port 443 is blocking the Live view authentication when the Video playback is unchecked.


    If you connect the computer/ phone/ tablet running the Video Security App (VSC) to the local network, you can connect to the site using the Public IP: 443 and you can view Live video with no issues. The problem only occurs if it is an actual remote connection.


    Therefore, this works as designed.

    Short explanation: VSC connects directly to the VRM after authentication hand off using the BVMS credentials configured. VRM is the sole provider of video through the single configured port that VSC uses to connect. When live view is requested, you are actually seeing the last recorded frames. You are NOT being redirected to the camera since VRM has no method of tunneling live view through itself to a remote client.


    VRM user groups does not have the same granularity as BVMS If playback is not allowed, then VRM will not allow access hence you cannot even login.

    This is by design and cannot be changed due to the architecture.


    Using a single port connection via SSH with Operator Client is the only current viable solution if the end user wishes to connect remotely and to impose restrictions on playback.

    Remember that the SSH service must be manually installed if it was not during a previous installation or upgrade.


                Useful documentation for remote connection:


    notification-add (1).png Later update


    The “The authentication failed” message was also noticed in Virtual Security Client version 3.4.0, while trying to log in.

    An example of system where this behavior was observed was VSC v3.4.0 used to view the cameras integrated into a BVMS v12.0 running on a DIVAR IP 7000 AIO.

    check.png Please note that the version 3.5.4 of the Video Security App address the authentication issue problem with DIVAR IP / BVMS / VRM systems. See more details in the Release Letter.

    If you are still using a version lower than v3.5.4, please attempt to clear the cache on the app, reinstall the latest version available in Download Store and attempt to login again.

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