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    What the “Storage state failure” alarm message means in Operator Client?

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    What the “Storage state failure” alarm message means in Operator Client?





    A video surveillance system uses two different types of communication:


    • Control traffic is used for sending controls and events between two components of the system. This includes, for example, system events ("storage state failure") and security events ("IVA alarm 1 triggered"), but also pan-tilt zoom controls.
    • Media traffic contains the actual video. This is mainly used for live viewing and recording.


    Some events, for example the "storage state failure" does not seem to impact the system's capability to record, but it does indicate that the specific camera is struggling to continuously record.

    To ensure a stable and reliable system, it is highly recommended to investigate all events that are enabled by default. A sign-off on the system's delivery should only be done without any active system events.


    The "storage state failure" alarm doesn't always mean a recording error unless there is a gap at the time of the error for that camera that reported it.

    It is an error of the iSCSI protocol; it means that when the camera releases the connection for a certain block it has not received a response back from the iSCSI target in a certain time.


    Good to know:

    1. The Central Technical Support Team would suggest you verifying the physical connection between the camera and the storage.
    2. If you have multiple cameras in the system and this happens on all cameras, we suggest checking to see if the server has any network issues.
    • Please check the windows system event logs to see if issues with the network connection appear.
    • When contacting the Central Technical Support team, please ensure first that you have prepared the following:


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