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    ‎10-25-2021 01:42 PM
    This articles shows where can you restart the activation or delay period in FSP-5000-RPS if a new activation is triggered
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    The table below shows the current FSM, FSI and MPC versions compatibility:  
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    ‎10-18-2021 01:01 PM
    Use the tool provided when FSM server application is installed, to manage export/import of configurations. Please note: This tool is only for configuration backup and does not include logs and history.
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    ‎10-18-2021 01:57 PM
    With FSM 5.6  the database.xml structure was slightly changed and FSM 5.6 is supporting only the new database.xml structure. This is leading after upgrade to a loss of the configured symbols (only the symbols, not the content of the devices configured on the floor plans). Therefore after upgrading from older FSM version (e.g. 5.2) to 5.6, the already configured symbols of sensors on maps are not shown correctly, they are shown are dots/circles.   Please note :   If before executing the file provided below the application was opened and the sensor properties were edited by approving > at that step the symbols changed to the default symbol and the previously configured symbol cannot be recovered.
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    ‎11-26-2021 03:15 PM
    Do you want to move the license activated on existing computer/server to another computer/server (FSM - Fire Monitoring System)?
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    ‎02-18-2022 04:02 PM
    In cases where RPS configuration cannot be loaded please follow the instructions from this article.
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    ‎11-26-2021 03:36 PM
    Any related HW change in the FSM server will lead to license not being valid and will need to be transferred.
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    ‎10-18-2021 01:40 PM
    If the Item "Panel" is e.g. 1-1.1.1 respectively 1-1.SI_PANEL.1, then this item is the Group item of the panel system status items e.g. 1-1.1.1-1 till 1-1.1.1-10. Most of these system status items have NORMAL as value after startup, others can have ON, e.g. items from Condition Monitoring.
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    ‎05-18-2022 07:47 AM
    To check Directx and graphics card capability you can use the dxdiag tool provided with Windows OS.
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    ‎05-03-2022 12:48 PM
    Check out this article and find out where are the FSM Alarm and Events logs stored and what is the size limit
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    ‎05-02-2022 03:07 PM
    If FSM needs to be connected to a new panel (network), then proceed as it is described in this article:
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    ‎07-07-2022 04:07 PM
    Follow the steps from this article to see the labels from the sensors in FSM which are configured in RPS
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    ‎10-25-2021 01:14 PM
    Learn from this article how to enable usage type Fire on KD55 element from Bosch Remote Programming Software (RPS)
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    ‎07-07-2022 03:38 PM
    Is always recommended to backup the database before running the default process. Find out in this article the steps to restore default FSM (Fire Monitoring System) configuration
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    ‎05-18-2022 07:41 AM
    The license key is not stored in plain text therefore is not possible to view, but the associated order number can be identified.
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    ‎07-28-2022 09:15 AM
    Check this article and find out what's new in FSM  version 5.6.1
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    ‎07-07-2022 03:39 PM
    This article explains if possible to install Fire monitoring system (FSM) in a virtual environment
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    ‎07-27-2022 04:55 PM
    This article contains the FSM - Anomalies symbols and their description
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    ‎07-07-2022 03:19 PM
    This article indicates where you can find the  log files   for FSM client  and for FSM server
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    ‎07-07-2022 04:02 PM
    Follow this step-by-step guide from this article and find out how to stop and restart the FSM Server service
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