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    Axis cameras & DIVAR Hybrid integration issue - Bit stream threshold is exceeded



    Possible causes and solution(s)


    System Overview:

    DIVAR Hybrid & Axis cameras 




    The Axis cameras can be added to the DIVAR Hybrid system and the Live view can be seen for a moment, but when going back to the settings to see the cameras, they are no longer available and the live view is also paused.

    Additionally, an error message occurs on the physical monitor connected to the DIVAR, saying that the bitrate exceeds the capabilities of the DIVAR Hybrid 3000





    Divar Hybrid 3000 + Axis Q1645 MKII Network camera (FW v9.80)

    Currently, it was noticed that this behavior could be fixed by downgrading the camera to an older firmware 

    Therefore, install FW - 8.40.8 on the Axis camera and add the camera manually to the DIVAR Hybrid Camera list.

    For information on Axis cameras firmware releases, visit the Axis webpage


    Divar Hybrid 5000 + Axis camera M1132 Network camera (FW v9.80)

    We recommend you to follow the below steps to use your Axis camera with DIVAR Hybrid 5000 unit.

    1. Download 3.3.1 Firmware for your DIVAR Hybrid device, upgrade and check the release note document from the link below:



    2. Authenticate on Axis Site from below:

    3. Check the release note:

    4. Download the 9.80.22 firmware, preferable LTS (Long Term Support):


    5. Install the firmware from the maintenance menu of the camera (Upgrade/Downgrade type: Factory default)



    6. Select an appropriate bitrate to your cameras as per the Data Sheet (page 3):

    The below reference screenshot and settings applied are done under testing of an Axis camera with the DIVAR Hybrid 5000 that has slighter higher decoding capabilities.
    (advised to not use Dynamic "FPS" and "GOP" unless you sure its compatible with the Bosch device)



    7. Access the Web Interface of your Axis camera > System> ONVIF> New user> Create an ONVIF with "Operator" rights.



    8. Add the camera manually to the DIVAR Hybrid Camera list (Camera>Detection>Manual add>”IP_Camera”> check http> Add Onvif username and password> Save)

    For further clarification about the ONVIF Conformant Products you could check the link below:



    You will be able to see the Axis camera's live view on your DIVAR Hybrid:



     Nice to know.pngNice to know:

    Note: Not all the conformant firmware was tested before they were added to the list.
    The configuration of the Axis cameras or any other ONVIF cameras must be considered the responsibility of the installer.

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