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    How to determine and replace the defective Hard Drive for DIVAR IP?

    The MegaRAID controller will automatically detect if a disk has errors causing the RAID volume to be degraded. An error message will appear on the desktop of that system.

    The system will also generate a beeping sound indicating it needs attention:



    This article provides the steps to determine and replace your defective HDD in DIVAR IP R2

    This article also applies when:

    • On the front Panel the Red LED at the HDD is on
    • The HDD is shown as faulty in the MegaRaid Software


    Article requirements:

    Mega RAID Storage Manager


    Step-by-step guide


    1. To determine which disk is broken, the MegaRAID Storage Manager needs to be opened. Use the windows credentials to login, by default BVRAdmin/WSS4Bosch:


    2. The dashboard shows that the drive unit needs attention. If the audio alarm is heard, it can be deactivated by clicking ‘Silence Alarm’ in the middle lower part of the screen.


    3. By clicking the ‘Logical’ tab, the actual status of the drive unit is displayed. In this case the fourth disk (out of three) is broken and missing.

      If the disk has errors it will still be visible in the list of disks and will show a red icon. The ‘Slot’ indicates the physical location of the disk.

      For the DIVAR IP the ‘Slot’ numbering starts in the lower left corner and ends in the upper right corner, counting from left to right and bottom-up.



    4. Before you remove the broken disk, please set it to offline.


    5. When the disk is replaced it should automatically rebuild the RAID volume, no further action is required:


    6. If not, depending on the state of the replacement drive you need to follow this actions:

      If the Drive state is Unconfigured Bad, please set it to Unconfigured Good


    7. Rebuilding should start now



    Procedure to get the HDD replaced:

    • Gather above mentioned Proof that shows that the HDD is broken
    • Contact Bosch Central Technical Support team with SN of the DIVAR IP R2 Unit, Proof and Shipping Details including Contact Details
    • In Case the Unit is not Registered yet, also included the fully filled Registration Form
    • You will get a confirmation when the replacement is sent
    • Switch the broken part with the replacement and sent back the faulty one with the Return Label included in the shipping
    • Please note that the broken part must be returned after a maximum of 14 days, otherwise we must invoice you


    If you need to keep the HDD because of a privacy policy, please check with your Bosch sales for the NON-RETURN DISK Option


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