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    How to power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR)?

    FLEXIDOME multi 7000i



     FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR (Non compatible Midspans mentioned)             



    (new datasheet) FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR (Compatible Midspan mentioned)



    What we learn from the datasheet

    Both Multi Imager (IR and NON-IR) have a heater

    • No heater is active above -20 Celsius

    • PoE+ is sufficient in environments not colder than -20 for Both Multi Imager (IR and NON-IR)
      • NON-IR can go to -50 Celsius on PoE+
      • Switch can be AT and BT standard
      • Midspan must be BT standard

    • PoE++ (60w BT standard) is only required for IR model when used between -50 and -20 Celsius (extreme cold places when heater is on),


    Power source:
    The camera supports 802.3at type 2 class 4 and 802.3bt type 3 class 5 standards.
    It is an IEEE802.3bt compliant device but als compatibele with 802.3at/af compatible devices.
    However, please note that some midspans are not compatible

    The problem is the midspan. These are non-standard devices with respect to IEEE
    when connected to a pure 802.3at device, it can support well, But handshaking fails for class 5 and up.
    Since Multi 7000i IR is an IEEE802.3bt compliance, not a pure 802.3at device, for example the NPD-6001B and NPD-9501A have problems, but also Similar variant from other brands


           What power sources are working

    • When using a Cisco switch with and the port has 2-event classification activated, this result in that 30w can be granted in Automatic mode
    • Using any Switch with PoE++ fixed allocated to the port (at ot bt standard)
    • NPD-6001C (IEEE 802.3bt 60w)
    • PD-9501GC (IEEE 802.3bt 60w)


           What power sources Not working:

    • When using a Cisco switch and 2-event classification is not activate and the power allocation is on auto it will never provide more than 15w, so when IR kick-in teh cam restart
    • NPD-6001A (IEEE 802.3af/at 60w)
    • NPD-6001B (IEEE 802.3af/at 60w)
    • NPD-9501A (IEEE 802.3af/at 95w)
    • Any 30w, 60w or 95w at/af midspan


    When connected to a default Cisco switch
    In auto-mode the used switch-port don't provide more than 15w, this result in that the camera potentially don't get enough power for example when the IR turns on.

    to avoid this and to guarantee enough power on the port, put the switch port to 30w static, or activate 2 event option

    1 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    Activating the 2-event option.
    This can not be done via the switch GUI interface , and also not via the CLI section of the GUI interface.
    (we succeeded via a console cable.)

    See page 60:

    1/0/2 is switch 1 and port number 2
    For entering the switch you need to login with switch username and password

    This example shows how you can configure 2-event classification.
    Device> enable
    Device# configure terminal
    Device(config)# interface gigabitethernet 1/0/2
    Device(config-if)# power inline port 2-event
    Device(config-if)# end


    Ones this is set, you can switch back to auto mode and you will see that the port get 30w assigned

    2 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    3 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    To see the active consumption per port, send CLI “show power inline police”
    Example - No IR ON (port 2)

    4 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    Example - with IR max on (port 2)

    5 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

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