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    How to setup a DIVAR IP 7000 R2 in case two SSD system drives both have been replaced with new SSDs?

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    How to add two brand new SSD drives as system and OS drive to a

    • DIVAR IP 7000 R2 or
    • DIVAR IP 6000 R2

    The two SSD drives are set-up in a mirrored RAID configuration (RAID-1) and it is not expected that two drives fail at the same time.
    Also it is expected that DIVAR IP systems are installed at a secure environment or room and both SSD drives are not expected to be removed at the same time.

    Nevertheless, this article will explain how to set-up the RAID quickly in order to start the "re-imaging" process from the Recovery DVD (one at DIVAR IP 6000 R2 - or two DVDs at DIVAR IP 7000 R2) enclose to each DIVAR IP 7000 R2 or DIVAR IP 6000 R2 delivery. 


    The following steps can be performed to get the system back to a state to run the regular recovery process.

    1. Shut down the DIVAR IP x000 R2 system  
    2. Insert the two empty SSD drives which you received from BOSCH Security Systems or the local authorized dealer.    
    3. Make sure the most recent recovery DVD is available (e.g. DIVAR IP 7000 R2 OS image 1.02 / two DVDs).
      In case DVD is missing, contact the BOSCH Security systems support and request new set of DVD.
      Please also take the "DIVAR IP 7000 R2 Field Installation Guide" into account (attached to this article).  
    4. During boot up of the DIVAR IP there are various function key combination displayed to enter certain dialogs. Please wait for the message.

       Press <CTRL-I> to enter Configuration Utility...  

      Press the <CTRL> and the I key to enter that dialog for creating a RAID Volume.
    5. Choose option 1. for the two SSD drives:
         "1. Create RAID Volume" and configure
            Name: Volume0
           RAID Level: RAID1(Mirrored)
            Disks: Select Disks
            And then Create Volume
      Check that the new Volume in mirrored RAID1 setup is also showing "Bootable" = Yes. 
    6. Now you will see a WARNING message "All DATA on selected Disks will be lost". This is for the two SSD drives only. 
    7. Confirm this Warning with pressing "Y"  (YES).
    8. Please compare if you now see a similar result like shown in this screenshot with a RAID1(Mirror) setup.
    9. Then exit the tool (option 4) and reboot the DIVAR IP
    10. During boot up choose F11 to invoke Boot Menu
    11. Choose the DVD drive with your inserted BOSCH recovery DVD. This should be the
      "UEFI: Slimtype DVD A..." 
    12. When requested to press any key to boot from DVD, please do so (press either e.g. space bar or Enter).
      Now the Windows logo will appear and the imaging process starts.
      Now follow the re-imaging process as described in the
      - part1_DIVAR IP 7000_R2_ Field_Installation_Guide_8_3_16 V4 USA_page1_to_page12.pdf
      - part2_DIVAR IP 7000_R2_Field_Installation_Guide_8_3_16 V4 USA_page13_to_page26.pdf