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    Script: Relay function of DNR switch from Manual to Auto mode (BVMS 10.1)

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Causes

    System setup:

    • BVMS 10.1
    • DNR 2000/3000

    The DNR relays are configured as error relays. If a configured error occurs the relay switches and connection to the control center is established.



    The relay needs to be configured in automatic mode. If you change the relay manually to ON or OFF with BVMS Operator Client, the setting in DNR also change to manual mode. By changing the setting at DNR to manual mode, the automatic alarm function does not work anymore.

    Not until you log in with browser into DNR and set it back to automatic mode then it works again.



    • Solution

    In the local menu and or web client you can switch from Automatic to manually and vice versa. Same with BVMS you can send a command to switch from automatic to manually control. But then it stays on manual control. This is the present designed behavior.


    You can change the relay mode back to automatic via a script executed when the relay open event is triggered.

    Important Note:

    • the script is specifically tailored for the DIVAR network 2000, which was 2 relays. Other DIVAR models have more, so if needed, the script will need to be adapted
    • all that needs to be done to the script is to change the IP address, user name and password for the 2 relays to what is used on site; and of course deployment in BVMS


    Please find attached the script and instructions below:





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