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    What is the Glutton MODE in VRM, what are the causes and how does it work?



    What is the Glutton MODE in VRM, what are the causes and how does it work?




    Enhanced glutton protection mode is a new feature in VRM versions e.g. VRM 3.71 and newer. 


    The prevention of a glutton (German: Vielfraß) defines and prevents a camera or multi-channel encoder from mounting and consuming  a large number of  blocks in a very short time.

    If a device is placed in glutton mode, VRM performs the following operations:

    • All blocks except the actual mounted and recording block are removed from the camera span list.
    • If a device is in glutton mode, it gets only 6* number of configured cameras blocks per hour.
    • The device is monitored and when block consumption returns to normal, it is removed from Glutton Mode.


    Possible messages when a camera is in Glutton mode are as follows:


    • This device has an abnormal high storage consumption. To protect other recordings, storage allocation is reduced. This may result in recording gaps for this device.
    • Device runs out of storage and might stop recording.
    • This device had an abnormal high storage consumption and is now set back to regular mode.


    Glutton Mode possible causes:


    • BVMS Profiles: Normal-Good-Excellent used on any Current CPP.
      • Corrupts the Camera Configuration, VRM will place camera into Limited span mode (6 spans per hour max).
    • Bad Time Server: If Time Server jumps more than 2 seconds (Forward or Backwards) frequently.
      • Causes Camera to prematurely release blocks and take new ones.
    • Network Issues: Wireless, bad cables, bad switch ports, port 3260 blockage issues, network disconnections, etc.


    Glutton prevention feature explained:


    • Every time a block is mounted by a device, the block and the time of mount operation is saved.

      • The last 15 time differences between mount operations are considered for glutton protection
      • If more than the half time differences between mount operations are less than a threshold of 120 seconds, Glutton protection mode is switched on
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