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    What to do if you need to apply the BVMS licenses again each time you shut down your DIP 7000 AIO?



    What to do if you need to apply the BVMS licenses again each time you shutdown your DIP 7000 AIO?




    You should use the windows shutdown or restart button and let the server to end and turn off its processes.

    If there is an unexpected shut down (e.g. instant power cut), the unit might require some more time to restart and turn on all their services, so BVMS Central Server might start to early, when the HW ID is not correctly generated. In this case, you might be requested to apply the BVMS licenses again.

    The previous system shutdown at 4:22:02 AM on ‎5/‎31/‎2022 was unexpected.


     The previous system shutdown at 3:08:21 PM on ‎5/‎20/‎2022 was unexpected.


     The previous system shutdown at 5:29:02 AM on ‎4/‎29/‎2022 was unexpected.


     The previous system shutdown at 12:08:11 PM on ‎4/‎28/‎2022 was unexpected.


    The recommendation would be to avoid that type of shutdowns and use an UPS, this is also mentioned in datasheet.

    We strongly recommend using an "Online UPS" with an always active battery. The UPS must support Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 and must be sufficient to allow time to bring an auxiliary power source online, or to properly shut down the DIVAR IP disk array(s).


    If there are licenses issues, in order to get the license functional again you can restart the BVMS Central Server service from the Services Console.

    A workaround that you can do to avoid this situation is to set the BVMS Central Server service startup type as: Automatic (Delayed Start).

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