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    Where to locate the individual CPP14.1 and CPP14.2 packages for Firmware v9.00.0210?



    Where to locate the individual CPP14.1 and CPP14.2 packages for Firmware v9.00.0210?




    Starting from Firmware v8.80.0090, the file for all CPP14 sub-platforms are now unified into a single file.

    Which means that you can use the CPP14 v9.00.0210 unified file for the upgrade of the CPP14.1 products.

    Changing the infrastructure of the Firmware in a single file was done to avoid confusion among customers while deciding which Firmware to upload.

    info.png Currently, the CPP14 v9.00.0210 is no longer available in the DownloadStore, but it will be uploaded again soon.

    The latest firmware can be found on the product catalog of the cameras/ devices, e.g. CPP14 FW v9.00.0210 can be found on DINION 5100i IR product page.

    Please refer to the release notes for more details:


    Stated in Bosch Release letter CPP14 FW 9.00.0210:


    Downgrading from 9.00.0210 to a prior CPP14-compatible firmware requires secure boot alignment. With various previous versions featuring different bootloaders, identifying secure boot compatibility can be challenging. Importantly, attempting to upload an incompatible file poses no harm, as the downgrade process mandates proper secure boot verification.

    To address potential issues, proceed with the downgrade attempt, and if compatibility problems arise, contact Central Technical Support for guidance on obtaining the correct firmware files.



    • FW 9.00 has a major architectural changes.
    • FW 9.00 will now be consolidated into 1 file, CPP14.
      • CPP14.1 and CPP14.2 will no longer be available, both will be combined in the CPP14 file.


    Upgrading to 9.00 or higher:

    • All CPP14 cameras must pass through FW 9.00 before being upgraded to any FW higher than 9.00.
      • CPP14 will not allow any camera to upgrade until 9.00 has been loaded first.


    Downgrading passed FW 9.00 to FW lower requires a special version of FW:

    • CPP14.1_FW_8.80.0090_bld.fw
      • Multi 7000i (IR)
    • CPP14.2_FW_8.80.0090_bld.fw
      • All other cameras
    • CPP14.2_FW_8.81.0037_bld.fw
      • FLEXIDOME corner 7100i IR
      • DINION 5100i IR
      • DINION 7100i IR
      • AVIOTEC 8000i IR