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    Which are the features of Bosch INTEOX CPP13 cameras?



    Which are the features of Bosch INTEOX CPP13 cameras?





    Camera functionality customization via secure execution of 3rd party apps from trusted sources

    • Sandboxed environment protects Bosch firmware functionality from malfunctioning apps
    • Trusted apps can be found at the



    • Full triple streaming with stream prioritization for more flexibility
    • Selectable H.264/H.265 per stream for more flexibility
    • Frame and bit rate test to analyze stream bitrates
    • 8 independent Encoder profiles per stream for more flexibility


    Video Content Analysis (VCA)

    • Support of Artificial Intelligence based analytics for Bosch IVA and 3rd party apps
    • Metadata “burn-in” per stream for visualization of metadata and trajectories, for easy and quick integration into VMS systems
    • Dynamic privacy masking of VCA shapes per stream


    On-screen Display

    • Custom size fonts [1-1000] for On Screen Display text for better readable OSD on big monitors
    • Increased embedded Logo resolution (1024x1024) and color depth (16M) on video streams
    • Mosaic Privacy Masks to still see movement behind a mask



    • Support for next generation Secure Element microcontroller (“TPM”)
    1. Secure storage of cryptographic keys (supporting up to 4096-bit RSA keys)
    2. Future-proof until 2031 and beyond [1]
    3. High risk target protection-grade, certified with Assurance Level (EAL) 6+[2]
    • Remote Device Management via Bosch Remote Portal supported as well (feel free to check out this webinar)

    [1] According to NIST Special Publication 800-57, part 1, p. 56​

    [2] Based on Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation out of 7 levels according to ISO/IEC 15408 ​​



    Nice to know:

    • For a better understanding of using  Bosch cameras from Inteox portfolio, we encourage you to join our online trainings available in Bosch Building Technologies Academy!


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