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    Which are the options available in the ‘Live’ functions web page of FLEXIDOME multi 7000i (CPP14)?



    Which are the options available in the ‘Live’ functions web page of FLEXIDOME multi 7000i (CPP14)?




    Some options have been removed when compared to previous CPPs, as they are only useful for moving cameras.

    Below is the overview of the web page of ‘Live’ functions section and the options remained available for FLEXIDOME multi 7000i (CPP14) cameras.

    Which are the options available in the ‘Live’ functions web interface of FLEXIDOME multi 7000i (CPP14).png

    • Transmit audio When selected, the audio from the camera (if set to On on the Audio page) is sent to the computer. This setting applies only to the computer on which the selection is made. Transmitting audio data requires additional network bandwidth.
    • Auto logout time [min] Set a time frame (in minutes) for the automatic logout. Default value is 0 (no automatic logout).
    • Show alarm inputs The alarm inputs are displayed next to the video image as icons along with their assigned names. If an alarm is active, the corresponding icon changes color.
    • Show alarm outputs Alarm outputs are shown next to the video image as icons along with their assigned names. If an output is switched, the icon changes color.
    • Allow snapshots Select the type of player to be used for live mode viewing
    • Allow local recording Specify whether the icon for saving video sequences locally should be displayed below the live image. Video sequences can only be saved locally on your hard disk if this icon is visible.
    • Path for JPEG and video files Enter the path for the storage location of individual images and video sequences saved from the LIVE
    • Video file format Select a file format for the live page display. The MP4 format does not include metadata


    If you want to learn more about CPP14 and see the history of Bosch CPPs, please check the Common Product Platform 14 (CPP14) Technical Whitepaper from here.

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