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    Which ports are used by Bosch DIVAR Mobile Viewer App?



    Which ports are used by Bosch DIVAR Mobile Viewer App?




    • TCP port: Default is 37777. This port is used by the Bosch DIVAR Mobile Viewer to connect to the recorder with mobile phones. The Web client also use TCP port 37777.
    • UDP port: Default is 37778


    To access a unit, a user must log on using the same User ID and Password used for local access. The DIVAR Mobile Viewer will follow the permissions of the user account, restricting the functions available to each remote user; for example, the ability to archive video.

    Therefore, before using the App please make sure that you have configured the Passwords, users and ports on your DIVAR and the same data is entered in the App.


    Go to your router that connects your recorder to the internet and forward these communication ports: HTTPS, RTSP and TCP. If you plan to connect through HTTP as well, forward the HTTP port in your router.

    Bosch advises to use only HTTPS connections for a higher security. Read your router manual for instructions to forward ports to a device.

    Please note that if the ports are note properly set, you cannot connect to the device and the ‘Login Timeout’ message might occur while accessing Divar Mobile Viewer App.

    Therefore, we also recommend you to check if the ports are either not properly forwarded or they are closed by the service provider.


    You can find more information about DIVAR Mobile Viewer App by accessing the following manual (page 95):


    If you are using DIVAR Mobile Viewer App version 3.1.4 or below, please check the following article:


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