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    Why does the Tamper Detection sometimes work and sometimes not (AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i IR)?



    The Tamper Detection of AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i IR camera is configured as follows and sometimes it works, but sometimes not. Why?





    According to the screenshot, the alarm is set to show tampering when the scene is too dark. This could be the reason of Tamper Detection option to work randomly.

    The inconsistency in the tamper detection functionality could be due to various factors:

    1. Lighting Conditions: If the scene is consistently dark, the tamper detection might not be able to reliably differentiate between normal environmental changes and actual tampering. Similarly, if there are sudden changes in lighting conditions due to external factors such as clouds, trees, or artificial lights, it could trigger false alarms or fail to detect tampering when necessary.
    2. Sensor Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the tamper detection sensor might not be finely tuned or calibrated properly. This could lead to false positives or negatives depending on the threshold set for triggering an alarm.
    3. Environmental Factors: Environmental factors such as dust, debris, or insects might interfere with the tamper detection sensor, leading to unreliable performance.
    4. Technical Malfunction: There could be technical issues or malfunctions in the tamper detection system itself, such as wiring problems, software glitches, or hardware failures, which can cause intermittent failures.
    5. Interference: External electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference could disrupt the operation of the tamper detection system, leading to inconsistent performance.
    6. System Configuration: Improper configuration of the tamper detection settings or compatibility issues with other components of the security system could result in unreliable operation.


    For more information on setting “Tamper detection”, please see manual on the link below, page 41:

    Or follow the video and article below:


    Also, please find the information about implementation of Intelligent Video Analytics or Intelligent Video Analytics Flow in the Software Manual on the link below, page 94:

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