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    ‎07-01-2019 11:53 AM
    If the document with the license key for DCN-NG was lost, there is still a way to find the license key currently loaded in a DCN-CCU2, this article shows how.
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    ‎07-01-2019 11:56 AM
    In order to add authorizations to an existing license, the current license key is required as well as the new authorization numbers. How to find this key is detailed in another article: How to find the license key loaded in a DCN-CCU2 Follow the next steps for adding the new authorizations: Go to Fill in the CCU's Serial Number and CHK: Enter the current license key (this is found on the license key document received after activating the previous authorization numbers). In the following windows the license information is shown and it's possible to add additional authorization numbers. If multiple authorization numbers need to be added, choose "Next Authorization" If all authorization numbers are added, choose "Finish register" Next window will give the opportunity to register a spare CCU if applicable. A last verification is done in the next window, if things need to be changed, the process goes back to step 4. The license key with all information is shown on the next page. Note that the Print button doesn't work in all browsers, for this refer to "Printing the License Key document to PDF" Upload the license key into your CCU or NCO. The Bosch ‘download and license tool’ is to be used to upload your license into a CCU2.
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    ‎07-01-2019 09:19 AM
    To use the software modules, the software needs to be licensed. In order to receive licenses for the software, the keys need to be registered online.
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    ‎06-28-2019 10:55 AM
    Click the Licensing button to open the Licensing page. Licensing is only required when you purchase software licenses. The Licensing page provides you with an overview of the activated licenses. Activate a license: To activate software you need to have an activation ID which was send by email after purchasing the software license. Activation requires a USB memory stick and any PC connected to the internet. Note 1: License activation is not supported for tablets. Note 2: While the same licenses are used by Dicentis Wired, the process to activate them on the Dicentis Wireless system are different, so please follow the below steps to activate the licenses on Dicentis Wireless. Insert the USB memory stick into the PC connected to the Wireless Access Point (DCNM‑WAP). Click the Add license button. Enter all required Customer information and Activation ID, click the Add license button and then the Activate button. Note: You can add more than one Activation ID. When all activation IDs are added, click the Activate button. A “save as“ dialog is shown. Save the “request file“ to your USB memory stick.  Go to the website using a PC/Laptop which is connected to the internet, and login. If you do not have a username, contact your local Bosch representative to acquire an account. Go to “manage license” and upload the “request file” from the USB memory stick. Save the “response file“ to your USB memory stick. In the DICENTIS web browser interface application, click the  Process response message button. Select the correct response file from the USB memory stick, and then click “Open”. Now the license is activated. New functionality is added and can be used by the system.
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    ‎06-27-2019 01:05 PM
    DCN-SW - Main Module              The main module of the new software suite. Allows usage of the configuration and configuration client. The main module includes Synoptic Control. DCN-SWMM - Microphone Management   This module gives you a controlled way to deal with active speakers and people in the request list. Full access to participant database to add delegates to speaker list or request list. DCN-SWDB - Delegate Database  Delegate Database allows real persons to be assigned to seats. Either though fixed seating (no cards required) Or by making use of ID cards. Note: For creating ID cards, the DCN-IDENC hardware and DCN-ID software is required.     DCN-SWID - ID Card Encoding    ID Card Encoding when the user is required to create ID cards. To create ID cards, the DCN-IDENC hardware is required in combination with the DCN-ID software license. Creating ID cards will only work when the computer you are working on is connected to the CCU!    DCN-SWPV - Parliamentary Voting  Allows the preparation and execution of parliamentary voting (Yes/No/Abstain/DNPV) within the DCN-SW software suite. DCN-SWMV - Multi Voting Allows the preparation and execution of Audience Response and Opinion Poll Results are shown on synoptic layout Thermometer added for Audience response DCN-SWAT - Attendance & Access     Attendance & Access to start attendance registration and force the system to use ID-cards, PIN code or fingerprint reading (external contact). DCN-SWMPC - Multi PC          To allow the Server PC and multiple PC clients to prepare and/or control the system at the same time.     DCN-SWAPI - API (Application Programming Interface) Application Programming Interface allows a third-party software application to insert and remove delegates into a meeting. Exchange and synchronize delegate and participant information with 3rd party systems Import of vote scripts Control functionality for voting (summon, select, start, stop) Encoding ID-cards solution for 3rd party systems Demo-tool including C# source code is available Extensive software developer manual available DCN-SWSMD - Streaming Meeting Data   Interface to custom-made PC software client to display meeting data by using video screens or video projectors. Basic the DcnSmdDemonstrator can be used. Connects using TCP/IP XML streams for easy processing Extensive filtering possibilities Demonstrator including C# source code available Software developer manual available DCN-SWIND - Individual Channels The Individual Channels software is used to route individual delegate microphone audio signals to the DCN system audio channels. These individual audio channels can only be received by Audio Expanders or Cobra net Interfaces. Benefits Easy routing of individual audio channels Up to 26 Individual Channels could be defined Additional remarks This module can only be used with Wired DCN systems from software version 2.70 >. DCN-SWIND can be used for standalone (system without PC) and for systems using DCN-SW. Individual channels which have been pre-set in the CCU are not available when using LBB4190/00 range PC software. DCN-SWSI - Simultaneous Interpretation With the Simultaneous interpretation module it is possible to set-up, control and monitor the translation part of the conference system. DCN-SWMD       Usher call and speak slowly With the MD.. The request for help from the Interpreter or the request to speak slowly. LBB4187               Open Interface Can be used to create user interfaces for DCN-NG
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