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    Security: Access Control

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    ‎05-15-2018 03:55 PM
    How can I connect the C460 Transmitter that works with Omegalink up to a C601 Fastlink Encoder? C460,C601  
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:26 PM
    Safecom Dialer error message definitions SC9001
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:18 PM
    What does uplink/downlink frequency mean? C601,C471,C472
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    ‎05-15-2018 03:50 PM
    Why does my C601 Encoder constantly reset itself when I install a C8137 Transmitter Interface with it? C601,C8137
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:23 PM
    I have phone supervision enabled on my C601. If a phone jack is left off-hook, the module eventually goes into phone line trouble. What voltage is the module looking for? C601
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    ‎05-16-2018 07:34 PM
    Can we use any ADCOR handset to program the C801/C802 Cellular Radio? C801, C802, C52
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:16 PM
    Why does the C601 encoder constantly reset itself when I install a C8137 interface? C601,C8137
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:20 PM
    Which transmitter do I use for the MultiLink System? C472
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:17 PM
    How do I supervise the C8137 zone outputs when I tie them down to a C601 encoder C8137,C601
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:35 PM
    What is  the part number for the powered wire harness for the SC2104 unit? SC2104
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    ‎05-16-2018 06:12 PM
    What does a rapidly blinking, red LED indicate? SC3100, SC2104, SC9000, D6200
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    ‎05-16-2018 09:20 PM
    What kind of surge protection is available for the SC820 (both AC and RF)? SC820
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    ‎05-16-2018 05:45 PM
    How do you manually reinitialized the SC4000 SafeCom radio ? SC4000
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    ‎05-16-2018 09:18 PM
    The panel is connected to an SC4000 but will not dial the central station. SC4000, D6600, RF2000, D6200
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    ‎05-15-2018 04:25 PM
    How long will the C472 transmitters stay keyed up before they stop transmitting, and how long does the transmitter have to wait before it can send signals again C472
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    ‎05-16-2018 04:48 PM
    Getting a dialer error #2 at the central station.  What is this error and what causes it SC4000, SC3100, SC2104, D6690, RF2000, D6695, SC9000, ST-1000, D6200
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    ‎05-16-2018 05:05 PM
    Unit has not communicated and the system status LED is blinking 1 red, pause, repeat. This would be an indicator of bad ROM check sum. SC3000
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    ‎05-16-2018 05:03 PM
    We are getting repeated dialer errors at the central station what could be the cause of this error ? SC4000, SC3100, SC2104, SC9000, RF200, D6690, D6695, D6200
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    ‎05-16-2018 05:47 PM
    The DACT is sending off-normal test, displays a SYS FLT:F  in the history, and shows SYSTEM FAULT status D9068, DS9602, DCT-1, DCT-1E, DCT-HWD, FPT-DACT
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    ‎05-16-2018 07:38 PM
    What is the maximum modulation deviation for the SC820? SC820
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