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    BVMS - Article overview

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    Dear Bosch, you have so many nice articles related to BVMS on the knowledge base(😉). I would really like to have a consistent overview of the available information.



    Status Article Description
      Bosch Visio Design Icons Set of Visio Design icons for Bosch products.
    2021-06 Updated
    BVMS - Device Compatibility This document describes how BVMS works with older and newer Bosch cameras.
      BVMS - Single port connectivity  This document describes how the SSH functionality works.
      BVMS - Configure time services  This document provides a guideline on how to configure time services.
      BVMS - Merging VRM systems  This document describes how to merge two VRM systems into a single system.
      BVMS - Operator quick guide This document serves as a quick guide for operators.
      BVMS - Streamlining This document describes the streamlining concept.
      BVMS - Configuring a Microsoft iSCSI target This document explains how a Microsoft iSCSI target can be configured.
    08 Aug 2022 Updated BVMS - Deployment guide This document describes how a BVMS system can be deployed from the commandline. This is useful when using software deployment environments.
    2021-06 Updated Virtualization - A concept explained This document explains virtualization.
    08 Aug 2022 Updated
    BVMS - Upgrade guide Described the process on how to upgrade a system (checklist)
      BVMS - BIS Connectivity Describes how to connect BVMS to BIS
    2021-06 Updated
    BVMS - SDK help Provides instructions and examples on how to use the BVMS SDK
      BVMS - Keyboard shortkeys Shows a (normal computer) keyboard and the shortkeys that are available for BVMS.
      BVMS - OPC Server Describes the functionality available in the OPC server.
      BVMS - Mobile Video Service Describes the Mobile Video Service conceptually.
      BVMS - GDPR Description on how GDPR impacts BVMS.
      BVMS - Network design guide First version composed together with ASA. Feedback welcome!
    08 Aug 2022 Updated BVMS - System design guide Previously known as pre-sales guide.
      BVMS - Policy based recording Describes the “cameras and recordings” tab, in addition to the product manuals.
    2021-08 Updated
    BVMS - Blueprints Shows general BVMS system design blueprints.
    13 Jan 2022 Updated How to activate a BVMS v11 and above Lite demo license? Describes how customer can generate and activate their own demo license. Includes link to the LIF file.
    08 Aug 2022 Updated BVMS - AE Specification Architects and Engineering specification.
      BVMS - Automatic login of Operator Client Describes the parameters which allow the operator client to automatically login.
    08 Aug 2022 Updated BVMS - ONVIF Compatibility Lists the tested ONVIF devices.
      BVMS - Configuring LDAP Explains how BVMS can be connected to a LDAP environment.
      Safe software delivery Describes how customers can check the integrity of the installation zip files.
    26 Oct 2022 Updated BVMS - Client installation package Describes how a reduced client installation package can be used.
    27 Sep 2022 Updated BVMS - Decoding performance Shows the workstation performance
      BVMS - Migrating SQL Database Describes how to migrate the SQL database to a different server.
    2020-08 Updated BVMS - Securing the security systems Describes how to secure a BVMS system.
      BVMS - ANPR by ISS Describes how to configure ISS SecureOS and BVMS to combine ANPR functionality.
      BVMS - IEC62676-1 Describes how BVMS meets the requirements specified in IEC62676-1
    29 Mar 2022 Updated How-to: Transition from Project Assistant to (B)VMS Have you ever wondered how to best transition from the Project Assistant to (B)VMS?
      Software-defined video surveillance storage Describes the collaboration between HPE, SUSE and Bosch in modernizing video surveillance storage.
      BVMS Person Identification - Data Protection Information The attached document aims to provide concerned parties, such as customers, users, operators or consultants, with an overview of data privacy and protection related features of BVMS Person Identification.
    26 Oct 2022 Updated Software Service and Support Describes how software moves through the product lifecycle.
      VRM eXport Wizard Describes how to use the VRM eXport wizard
    2021-06 Updated BVMS Project checklist The BVMS Project Checklist is an Excel-based tool which makes it easier to design a BVMS system.
    26 Oct 2022 Updated BVMS - Automated firewall configuration How does BVMS 10.0.1 (or newer) configure the firewall during the installation of the system?
      BVMS - Store snapshot of all cameras My customers asks me to store the field of view of the cameras connected to BVMS. Is there an easy way to achieve this without opening every camera manually?
      BVMS - Demonstrating (JPEG) cameras How can I use "virtual" cameras to demonstrate BVMS?
      How to create CA signed certificates for cameras and distribute  Configure video authenticity / integrity using CA signed certificates
      BVMS - Operator collaboration using Slack
     Configure BVMS to integrate with Slack.
      BVMS - Person Identification Camera Placement Guide
     Describes best-practices on camera placement when using person identification.
      BVMS - Tattile configuration
     Describes how to configure Tattile (LPR) cameras and BVMS.
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