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    Bosch VIDEO Security Systems request and Central Technical Support Team

    You just bought a Bosch Security device or your old one is not functioning as designed?

    Here is what you need to know about Central Technical Support, the team that can help you solve your problems:


    1. You can contact them using the online Webform.

    However, the fastest way is to give them a call. Depending on your country, you can find the right phone number by accessing Bosch VIDEO Security Systems Central Technical Support - Phone Numbers.

    2. Keep in mind that besides your CONTACT details, providing the right information can help the support team understand your issue more effectively and provide you with accurate assistance:

    • Description of the issue
    • Product information (model number, SN, SW/FW version)
    • Integration/installation details – how is the system designed, context and environment
    • Logs
    • Performed troubleshooting steps (*Depending on your product/issue, more information can be found on the Bosch Building Technologies Knowledge Base)

    If your device is running with a Bosch Software (BVMS) - SMA details are always needed (License Fingerprint or Hardware ID). Here you can find additional details about our SMA Policy.

    A ticket is created during the phone call or after contacting Central Technical Support via email/webform. (*You will get an automatic email with the ticket number)

    a. follow up

    EMEA & AP

    EMEA & AP.jpg



    Depending on the topic’s urgency or customer status usually the follow-up is within: 72 hours


    For all topics:



    24 hours


    If your topic is related to a License / Password reset the response time could be: 24 hours
    If you are part of the Partner Program the response time could be:
    *Find more about our Partner Program and register here.
    72/24 hours


    b. Based on the complexity of the topic, if needed the topic will be addressed internally with upper levels for a deeper investigation. But don’t worry, CTS will keep you updated!

    c. Depending on your request, the Central Technical Support team could redirect you to other departments, such as:RMA desk, Orderdesk, Sales team, Spare Parts, etc.

    d. The ticket will be closed only after Central Technical Support will get your confirmation Be aware that if you will not provide responses to the Central technical Support within 3 days, your ticket might be closed for inactivity (with the possibility of reopening it).

    If you are interested in learning more about our products, you can find guidance on our Bosch Building Technologies Academy


    info.png Remember that providing accurate and detailed information can significantly speed up the troubleshooting process and help Bosch Security Technical Support provide you with the best possible assistance.


    Learn more about our Policies:

                 CentralSupport_5-1695904409045.pngSoftware Service and Support Policy

    CentralSupport_4-1695904378991.pngPassword reset 


        CentralSupport_0-1695903691677.pngDIVAR IP

    CentralSupport_0-1695904126684.pngHardware Registration

        CentralSupport_1-1695903750688.pngBosch DSA

    CentralSupport_2-1695904308811.pngLegacy Firmware 

        CentralSupport_2-1695903794229.pngRMA (Repair Desk)

    CentralSupport_1-1695904224557.pngLegacy Software

        CentralSupport_3-1695903821228.pngPartner Program

          CentralSupport_3-1695904354541.pngSoftware Maintenance Agreement

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