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    ‎01-21-2021 11:53 AM
    Extra licenses can be purchased for additional features of your devices as your business grows. After adding cameras to the system, you may need to use additional features of them, like microphone use, Serial Protocol Software License, Camera Trainer license for Intelligent Video Analytics, NTCIP license for moving cameras and so on. Depending on the camera model, you can have additional features by installing the optional lice nses. Follow the instructions below and find out how you can activate a license on your camera.
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    ‎12-15-2020 04:48 PM
    When you open BVMS Viewer Configuration Client for the first time, the following message is displayed: "The system is running in an unregistered mode. Please activate your license package" For a proper use of BVMS Viewer you need to   activate   the  MBV-BVWR-100 License Viewer base, which is FREE! This can be found on the Bosch Security Systems Software License Manager (SLMS) platform. Follow the steps below and find out how you can license BVMS Viewer for free.
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    ‎11-25-2020 02:26 PM
    Under most circumstances, Bosch IP cameras require additional licenses. If you want to use features that are covered by different licenses, you must install the appropriate licenses  using the camera's installation code. For example: MIC IP starlight 7100i has the Camera Trainer program used to train the camera to recognize user-specified target objects, such as moving and non-moving objects, to alert operators of unusual scene activity. License is required to activate the Camera Trainer in this case. MVC-CT-PTZ is the license needed for PTZs Camera Trainer for Intelligent Video Analytics 7.10   But where you can find the installation code needed to license a Bosch camera?
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    ‎10-09-2020 10:38 AM
    In order to use the software modules, the software needs to be licensed and to receive licenses for the software, the keys need to be registered online. This article explains how to license a system that runs in full Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) mode with help of Security Systems Software License Manager tool (SLMS).
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    ‎11-05-2019 03:19 PM
    This article will guide you how to remedy invalid expansion licences on your Bosch Divar IP 5000 all in one.      Error indication Dispite that the registration of your additinal purchased licencens has been completed successfully. The licecens may become invalid  after a  following reboot. This behaivor is caused by switching the MAC address of your teaming interface. Solution In order to prevent such behavior or even to revoke your licences as they are already invalid, please perform the follwing steps:  Step 1 Download the attachment (2 KB) and provide it locally to your DIP all in one    Step 2 Unzip the archiv, it should extract two files (setMacAddress.cmd  / setMacAddress.vbs) please do not alter or move the files!   Step 3 Open the command promt (CMD) as adimistrator, e.g.  right-click on the windows button and click on Command Promt (Admin) Step 4 Run the "setMacAddress.cmd",  for this purpose navigate to the location where you have stored the unzipped files  and call   the "setMacAddress.cmd"  file      YOURPATH\setMacAddress.cmd  and hit enter    Step 5 Press the spacebar to continue, after the cursor is blinking again you can close the CMD   Step 6 Reboot your device, in order to complete the task.              
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    ‎04-08-2019 12:44 PM
      Related Products: VRM, Genetec Security Center Overview: It is possible to use VRM free of charge (no extra VRM license is required) within Genetec Security Center. Genetec is sending encrypted secret to the VRM server with the number of the licensed channels. When VRM receives and validates this, it can be used for that number of channels for 24 h. A periodic license update is send by Genetec, so the VRM licensing is guaranteed as long as it is used with Genetec Security Center. Default settings, if not extra configuration is needed or done. -License for 1000 Cameras - License update is done every hour   How to license more than 1000 cameras or change the license update period for VRM within Genetec Security Center: Open the Config Tool and Launch a Video Task Select the Archiver Go to the Resource Tab and click on Extensions From the Tab Installed extensions select Bosch. In the Tab VRM add a new VRM and/or select already configured VRM. Click on Advanced settings and add the following parameters If you need to license the system with more than the default 1000 licenses – create the parameter with Name VrmLicenseRequestCount and as value put the required number of licenses. The parameter name is case sensitive If you need to change the duration of the period between each license request (there is always one license request when the archiver starts) – create the parameter with Name VrmLicenseRequestPeriod. The duration of the period is in milliseconds. The default value is one hour. If the value is set to 0, the license request are disabled. The parameter name is case sensitive     Press Enter to confirm the entry and then Close Press Apply and then OK. At the webpage of the VRM one can check if the number of licenses is changed.                    
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