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    Can I receive/ retrieve more than 4 live video streams with BOSCH VSC on my Windows PC?



    Can I receive / retrieve more than 4 live video streams with BOSCH Video Security Client on my Windows PC?




    All VRM versions newer than version 3.0 running on a DIVAR IP (e.g. DIVAR IP 6000 R2) do offer automated live video forwarding via the VRM running on the DIVAR IP. For example the VRM version 3.71.0029 or VRM 03.81.0032 can offer 4 transcoded live videos and on top normal non-transcoded video depending on available performance and bandwidth.

    As the Video Security Client do not offer connections to devices of DIVAR IP Family through HTTP(S) proxies, the VSC cannot correctly determine if a DIVAR IP is local or connected via public internet.
    The Release letter of the Video Security Client (VSC) informs in section "4. Restrictions, known issues".

    DIVAR IP Family devices coming with VRM 3.6x and later are reachable via non transcoded tunneled way as well in case the Video Security Client can detect the DIVAR IP as local available device.
    There is a mechanism in the Video Security Client (VSC) to detect if the DIVAR IP is in the same local network as the Windows workstation running the VSC. As soon the VSC cannot reach the DIVAR IP locally but via a public IP the VSC tries to use a transcoded live video. A DIVAR IP offers up to 4 transcoded video connection in total.

    There is one sentence in the release letter that is only valid for the VRM version 3.0 but not for any later/(newer VRM version:
    "•   Connections to devices of the DIVAR IP Family with VRM Version 3.0 support only transcoded connections"

    Please be aware that of course newer VRM versions offer non-transcoded live video via the VRM live video forwarding in the local network.

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