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    Release Notes - Remote System Management (cloud service)





    Bosch's Remote System Management service allows you to leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide secure, transparent, and cost-effective asset management throughout the lifecycle of a video system. This service enables end users, system integrators and installers to perform inventory and update management, as well as health monitoring tasks for an entire Bosch video system (DIVAR IP + BVMS + cameras) from one centralized Remote Portal platform.

    The service brings peace-of-mind to end customers by enabling 24/7 system monitoring in a secure way. This allows the user to act proactively when issues arise and to address them, for instance, before video recordings are lost due to a hard drive failure. The secure MQTTS connection also preserves data privacy, as video footage cannot be accessed by anyone via this connection, due to the fact that video and image data transfer is not supported by this protocol. Moreover, the service allows for remote software and firmware rollouts, keeping the system up-to-date and secure. Cloud connectivity is based on a single outbound connection from the DIVAR IP to Remote Portal, where the DIVAR IP consolidates all inbound and outbound communication for the entire video system.

    The service is designed to be used by larger end customer organizations performing their own system maintenance across multiple dispersed sites, or by installers offering such services to a multitude of different end customers. The benefits of using Remote System Management focus on increased efficiency when performing system maintenance tasks, avoiding unnecessary trips on-site through remote maintenance capabilities, such as update rollouts in case of a security advisory, or through latest system information insights allowing for better preparation of on-site trips. Positive side effect: Full service with minimum CO2 emissions. Additionally, the users can improve the service experience they provide by acting proactively and gaining the opportunity to address field issues before (internal) customers even realize they have a problem.

    For additional details please refer to the latest datasheet and service description in the product catalog by searching for "CBS-RM-DIP".


    Document history


    2023-03-10 Initial release notes


    Applicable DIVAR IPs


    info_symbol.png Note: for latest system requirements always refer to the latest datasheet in the product catalog by searching for "CBS-RM-DIP".


    Hardware Software

    DIVAR IP all-in-one 4000

    DIVAR IP System Manager 2.0 or above

    DIVAR IP all-in-one 6000

    DIVAR IP System Manager 2.0 or above

    DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 (DIP-73x)

    DIVAR IP System Manager 2.0 or above
    Note: All three DIVAR IP operation modes are supported. Cameras are only integrated when operating in BVMS mode. 


    Remote System Management - Q1/2023 - Initial Release


    New functionality


    Use Case
    Inventory Management 343
    • Review DIVAR IP and camera hardware inventory information (model, serial number and more)
    • Review installed DIVAR IP software inventory details (BMVS version and patches, BVMS sub-components like VRM, Windows version)
    • Review installed camera firmware versions
    • Inventory report for hardware as well as software / firmware details, incl. CSV exports
    • Update campaign reports, incl. CSV exports
    Update Management 341
    • Updates via Remote Portal for

      • BVMS patches
      • BVMS sub-components like VSG, VRM, …
      • Camera Firmware (flexible version choice)
      • DIVAR IP System Manager
    Health Monitoring 342
    • Real-time status
      • Connectivity (DIVAR IP and cameras)
      • Update availability (DIVAR IP and cameras)
      • Camera access authorization and certificate validity
    • Recording health insights (for all instances per camera)

      • Green - no issues
      • Yellow - camera buffers packets as it cannot reach its iSCSI target
      • Red - packet loss occurred
    • DIVAR IP hardware health insights (based on SuperDoctor 5)

      • Power Supply status
      • RAID status
      • Physical disk status (incl. operating system drives)
      • Temperature
      • Fan status
      • Chassis intrusion
    • Health alerts via Email




    Use Case
    General Remote Portal changes with influence on the service 1252

    "Service Licensing" now supports three new licenses/CTNs:

    • CBS-RM-DIP4 Remote System Management DIP 4000 1yr
    • CBS-RM-DIP6 Remote System Management DIP 6000 1yr
    • CBS-RM-DIP7 Remote System Management DIP 7000 1yr


    Resolved Issues


    Not applicable


    Limitations / Known issues


    Use Case
    Update Management 1267 It is currently not supported to upgrade the BVMS versions.
      403074 BVMS patches cannot be applied to clients installed and operated outside of the DIVAR IP unit on a workstation.
    Health Monitoring 1721, 1722, 1723
    Health status synchronization in Remote Portal user interface can require a page refresh
    License Management 405388

    It is currently not supported to display the BVMS software licensing status for a connected DIVAR IP.

    Remote Connect via Video Security Client / App 147 The MQTTs connection used for this service does not support video streaming. An optional path for video streaming is planned to be added later. Adding cameras directly to Remote Portal, in parallel to the MQTTs connection, is neither tested nor supported. 
    Version history
    Last update:
    ‎03-22-2023 09:05 AM
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