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    Troubleshooting steps when ‘Videoprovider not available’ message occurs on MVS when trying to Log on

    Possible causes and solution(s)




    MVS gets error message “Videoprovider not available” when trying to log on.

    Also, the BVMS Configuration Client shows the X mark on the MVS.





    • Try to deactivate IPv6 and remove/ re-add the MVS to the BVMS Configuration Client again
    • If the issue persists, remove and reinstall the MVS part only in BVMS
    • Check if there is the possibility for a Virus Scan Software or the Firewall to block the BVMS ports. All the BVMS internal ports need to be allowed for communication
    • All involved units must be reachable via DNS Hostname and IP address among themselves. Therefore, please check if DNS is working correctly and BVMS and MVS can be reached via Hostname and IP. Edit the Windows hosts file and add MVS
      • Edit both “host” files from the folder Windows\system32\drivers\etc
        • IP_of_MS Hostname_of_MS
        • IP_of_MVS Hostname_of_MVS


        • In the MVS PC, add a new entry at the end:
        • In the MS Server, add a new entry at the end:
    • Restart the IIS and then the MVS services (all 4 services)
    • make sure that there is no other application using IIS (e.g., Intelligent Insights also uses IIS)
    • Be sure that Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.6 are installed on the MVS server.
    • Please also see from the configuration manual the used ports section and open them, especially the Management Server and MVS: configuration_manual_en (
    • If all necessary MVS ports are open and not blocked and the issue persist à check if there is a certificate selected in the https bindings. Per default this should be "BoschVMS". The instructions how to check this, you can find in
      Page 15, section Adding the HTTPS binding
      • Try to create the https binding for the specific MVS IP in the IIS settings (in BoschIVS and not in the Default Web Site😞
    • Try to delete this file (C:\ProgramData\Bosch\MVS\Config\XmlDataStorage.xml) and restart all MVS services(especially the "Bosch MVS Data Storage Service" is important).


    image2022-3-31_11-20-35.png In case there is no solution to the issue after checking all the steps above, further investigation with the Central Technical Support team is needed and the logs are very much necessary to understand what's going on on the installation.

    Therefore, before contacting the Central Technical Support team, be sure that you have collected the Config Collector Logs and you will provide the support team with all the steps already preformed by you before reaching them.


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