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    a month ago
    Find out from this article what could be the causes of red cross displayed in Configuration Manager for MVS when connecting with iOS device
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    ‎03-01-2024 02:54 PM
    The following procedure will allow you to create a self signed certificate to allow a trusted connection between a web browser and MVS.
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    ‎02-16-2024 08:37 AM
    MVS gets error message “Videoprovider not available” when trying to log on. Also, the BVMS Configuration Client shows the X mark on the MVS. What to do?
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    ‎06-14-2022 10:54 AM
    Our portfolio contains quite a variety of (mobile) video clients and applications. To get a fast first overview we created the attached table to compare the most important ones.
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    ‎04-28-2022 03:44 PM
    Check this article and find out if you can add and see a BVMS 11 system running on a DIP in MVS webpage as unmanaged site
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    ‎07-28-2021 11:21 AM
    The attached manual provides information for Mobile Video Service (MVS) within Bosch Video Management System. You can find:  - how to configure the router and Internet Information Service (IIS) - how to add MVS to BVMS - user guide - some troubleshooting tips   This document can also be found online here.
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    ‎05-13-2021 03:39 PM
    Related Products: BVMS / MVS / VSDK Overview: On request from development to provide a dump file from MVS system please follow the steps in the solution section.   Step-by-step guide   Reproduce the issue Download the Microsoft debugger procdump ( The procdump tool is also attaced to the article :How To create BVMS memory dump?  When application is crashing, do not click any buttons on the appeared error window that will change the program state. Run the procdump.exe from the directory where you copied the tool with following command line (Start - cmd): procdump.exe –ma <name of the programm exe> <dump file name>.dmp   In the case of MVS you need to do that for all 4 MVS services: - Bosch.MVS.SourceProvider.BVMS.Service.exe - Bosch.MVS.DataStorage.Service.exe - Bosch.MVS.SourceProvider.MobileCamera.Service.exe - Bosch.MVS.Transcoder.Service.exe
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