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    Upgrade from BVMS v9 or v10.1 or v11.1.1 to v12.1 on DIP AIO 5000 (DIP-52xx) & AIO 7000 (DIP-72xx)

    It is advisable that any actions performed on a Bosch Video Management Server to be done by a trained installer.

    Please join the web-based trainings on Bosch Building Technologies Academy.

    Taking in consideration the outdated version of BVMS (9), the upgrade to BVMS 12.0.1 must be done in steps. Each version should not be more than ~two years apart. This prevents potential issues in the upgrade process. 

    1. BVMS 9.0 - General availability 2018-08-17
    2. BVMS 10.1 - General availability 2020-08-21
    3. BVMS 11.1.1 - General availability 2022-06-03
    4. BVMS 12.1 - General availability 2023-11-30


    ⚠️ Regular BVMS 12.1 installer will not run on any DIVAR IP all-in-one platform. The upgrade shall be performed via DIVAR IP System Manager application.

    Keep in mind: If you want the latest version of BVMS, it must be downloaded and applied with the latest version of System Manager.


    • Minimum BVMS version on DIP-52xx & DIP-72xx: BVMS v9.0 
    • Update method: System Manager package 

    When updating DIVAR IP appliance (DIVAR IP all-in-one 5000 & 7000), managed by DIVAR IP System Manager, special corresponding packages are required to upgrade BVMS on these devices.



    Step-by-step guide


    1. Back-up the configuration of BVMS v9

    2. Upgrade from BVMS 9 to BVMS 10.1

    note.png Important note

    Because the 10.1 version is not available anymore to be downloaded, Central Technical Support team can provide you this SW version, but for that you have to provide them with some additional details:


    • Name:  
    • Address:
    • contact detail: 


    • Name:  
    • Address:
    • contact detail: 

    Site details:

    • Name:  
    • Address:
    • Contact Detail:
    • City/Country

    After the Central Technical Support team receive the above details, they will send you a document that must be signed by you and owner


    a.) Download and unzip the Appliance BVMS Installer archive and copy the content to a USB drive

    b.) When the BVMS default screen is shown, press CTRL + ALT + DEL

    c.) Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking Switch User (not Log off)

    d.) Log in as BVRAdmin

    e.) Transfer the folder that contains the files Bosch_Appliance_BVMS_Installer_xx.xx.xxxx.exe and from the USB drive to the BVRAdmin desktop

    f.) Double click Bosch_Appliance_BVMS_Installer_xx.xx.xxxx.exe inside the transferred folder.

    g.) Wait until the BVMS setup screen appears and select the upgrade option

    h.) Follow the installation procedure without changing any settings

    - The system may request a reboot and re-login during the installation or upgrade procedure.
    - The upgrade procedure can alternatively be performed via Remote Desktop connection.
    - The software upgrade requires a system reboot which results in a short (~ 5 min) recording gap.

    3. After you receive and upgrade to version 10.1, please import in Configuration Client the saved BVMS 9 configuration file > Save > Save and Activate.

    4. Export the configuration from BVMS 10.1

    5. Upgrade from BVMS 10.1 to BVMS 11.1.1 > (Find below download link for software and release note):

    and follow the steps above from a-h


    6. Import the saved BVMS 10.1 configuration backup in Configuration Client and then > Save > Save and Activate

    After the upgrade process is done, it is recommended to export the configuration from BVMS 11.1.1


    7. Export the configuration from BVMS 11.1.1

    8. For the current latest BVMS version 12.1 it would be recommended to have/ upgrade DIVAR IP System Manager to v2.3.0 

    9. Download BVMS 12.1.0 System Manager package 1.3 

    and follow this YouTube video regarding the upgrade process or continue to follow the steps as explained below (10-18):


    10. Save the BVMS 12.1.0 System Manager package 1.3 
    and BVMS_12.1.0_Updates_SystemManager_package_1.3 to a storage medium such as a USB stick.

    11. Unzip the files on the storage medium.

    • Do not change the folder structure of the unzipped files!

    12. Connect the storage medium to your DIVAR IP all-in-one 5000/ 7000 system 

    13. Start the DIVAR IP System Manager application:

    – If you are signed in to Windows with the BVRAdmin administrator account, double click the DIVAR IP System Manager icon on the Windows desktop. The DIVAR IP System Manager application starts.

    – If your system is running in BVMS operation mode, click the DIVAR IP System Manager icon on the BVMS desktop and sign in to the BVRAdmin administrator account. The DIVAR IP System Manager application opens in a full screen dialog box (You can exit the dialog box by pressing ALT + F4).

    14. In the column Software packages Name, click the respective option button (BVMS) to select the software application that you want to upgrade

    15. In the column Available version, select the BVMS 12.1 to which you want to upgrade your software application and then click Next. If applicable, a license agreement dialog box is displayed.

    16. Read and accept the license agreement, then click Install to continue. The installation starts and the installation dialog box shows the installation progress. Do not turn off the system and do not remove the storage media during the installation process.

    17. After all software packages are installed successfully, you will receive the message Installation finished successfully at the top of the page

    18. Import the saved BVMS 11.1.1 configuration backup in Configuration Client and then > Save > Save and Activate


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